11 Best Side Gigs That Are Better Than Full Time Job

Side Gigs That Are Better Than Full Time Job

It sounds weird when someone tells you that they side gigs that are better than a full-time job, not a joke, it is damn real, many millionaires have found their way to the top through side gigs. While some full-time workers are yet to earn a million, side gigs that are better than full time job are numerous, we have some for you.

There are a lot of opportunities abound in the side hustle things thaa n a full-time job where you have to sit all month and do just a singular work and get a singular pay at the end of each month. Earning money on the side come easy and it gives you all the freedom you many ever wanted.

If you are considering to make good money with side gigs, for your present bills payment or you want to do it for the fame, the freedom that comes with, or to build up a fund for the for your future, go with a side hustle that pays high, some are the best way to start your entrepreneur journey and become a multimillionaire.

Seriously some side hustle pays well and you may consider living your full-time job to focus solemnly on these side gigs. It becomes your daily jobs and still has much time on your side to do other things, when you scale your paying gigs, you make more extra cash and it gives you the chance to reach your goal quickly. Finding the right side jobs matters a lot and you need the right one to land you your dream figure.

What is the best Side Gigs That Are Better Than Full Time Job

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If indeed you are looking to get side gigs that pay well and can eventually make you quit your full-time job because it pays you more than what you earn in your full-time job then you need to read this article till the very end and decide on which of the side gig you want to go for, as we reveal some of these side gigs know that it takes consistency to earn something meaningful.

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1. Software Developer

Software developers are seen working on apps for maintaining and updating apps, testing automation design and troubleshooting software issues. With this side gig, you have your time to work at your own schedule time and you can make a million within a few months.  

Software developers are paid on an hourly basis, at least on average you get $55 per hour per job, as a software developer you work on code and earn money.

2. Web Designer

Designing a website/blog for money can be your thing, if you have an eye for design; you need technical skill to run this side gig before you can start making money with it.

On average you get pay of about $32 per hour when working on any design project, the pay may differ in some other countries but you can still have a good deal.

As a web designer, you will need knowledge of platforms such as CSS, WordPress, jQuery, and HTML.

3. WordPress Developer

A lot of businesses and individuals have their websites on WordPress, however many of them don’t know how to debug their website when things go wrong, knowing can make you some good cash as a side gig.

 There are many things you can help people do on WordPress as a developer, some of the things you can do are creating and editing themes, set up and utilize plug-in. The average pay for a WordPress Developer starts from $45 per hour.

4. Disc Jockey

Disc Jockey makes party rocky, this is one of the best side gigs to do, if you love DJ thing, as a disc jockey you earn money per event and you can be making up to $42 per hour.

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You can go to birthday parties and weddings on weekends, you can make a living with a DJ on the side.

5. Sign Language Interpreter

Sign language is a sellable skill and it can be done on the side to earn, many businesses need a person that understands and can communicate effectively with sign language.

As a sign language interpreter, you are to help businesses or companies to facilitate communication for those who have a difficult hearing. The average pay for a sign language interpreter ranges from $30 to $35 per hour. 

6. Resume Writer

Writing a resume for job seekers can be considered as one of the best side gigs that can be done with less stress, the money you can make with this side hustle is limitless as many job seekers application got declined regularly due to bad resume.

You can write for people or guide them on how it can be done and make your money on the side; you can’t get paid less than $40 per hour.

7. Bookkeeper

Bookkeeper help businesses to keep a record of many things, they create a financial report, performed bank reconciliations and payroll needs. On average this gig pays you $30 per hour, working with more than a company will increase earning potential

If keeping record go well with you, aside gig on this would be a perfect fit for you to try out, don’t forget you need more than a company if you want to make a million with this side gig.

8. City Guide Writer

Having a passion for the city you live in can be a source of business for you, becoming a city guide writer is the ideal thin to make money on the passion you have for the city you live in.

You can get hired by local real estate and tourism companies to craft city and neighbourhood guides. 

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Your job as a city guide writer is to provide a unique local perspective on the city, making researching and writing on the city population, demographics and best tips for shopping, recreation, culture, entertainment, activities, public transportation and many more to help people.

An average salary of a city guide writer starts from $40 to $500 per project, you can work your earnings out with companies you work with.

9. Online Instructor

Make money on the side with an online instructor, sharing knowledge online makes you work remotely and teach people things you know around the world.

Becoming an online instructor requires some basic computer skills, to make money you must be ready to create courses on topics that are in demand, you can $30 per hour when you are teaching what you know online.

10. Fashion Consultant

Average Salary: $50 to $500/ fashioning on consultants best known for their ability to spot new fashion trend and work with high-end shoppers to guide them on things to buy or how they can style up. 

Those who have the money are willing to pay a fashion consultant who can help them make their wardrobe better. 

As a fashion consultant, you can earn $60 to $600 per hour working for clients, fashion consultant often meets with clients to discuss their likes, dislikes, personalities and style goals this will help to make the right recommendation for the client.

11. Social Media Marketing Specialist

Social media has become something businesses and brands are looking up to scale up their businesses; many don’t know how to go about it that when your service as a social media marketing specialists comes in.

Your job is to help businesses run social media campaigns and bring more customer to them. On average you can make $30 per hour as a Social Media Marketing Specialist.

Becoming a Social Media Marketing Specialist requires you to create campaigns, develop strategies and write social media content for businesses and brands.

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