29-year-old grow 2 side hustles, built a career that earns $158,000 in a year free

Adams 29-year-old grow 2 side hustles

Adams is an entrepreneur who doesn’t believe in off days, the 29-year-old grow 2 side hustles as she work full time for a company, from the production of her YouTube videos and taking inventory for her salon in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in the afternoons. At 6 p.m. her day is always jam-packed to build that 6 figure income career that pays bills.

Her work life began in the state of Michigan as a child welfare specialist, running a shift and working five days a week and closes 2:30 a.m every day.

how the 29-year-old grow 2 side hustles and her experience

Adams had three main income streams: a full-time job with the state that pays close to $60,000, her Destite Hair Collection, that sells wigs and hair extensions, plus her salon bringing close to $86,000 as at December 2020.

Where her third business is a YouTube business consulting channel, generating an additional $12,000 for her. 

The serial entrepreneurs said “You should have multiple streams of income because it helps you live the life that you want to live,” Adams says.

According to her, she believes “If something happens with my state of Michigan employment, I also have the salon. If something happens with the salon, then I have my YouTube income. And if something happens with my YouTube income, then I have my brand.”

She started the importance of having a side hustle business that can bring in a residual income.

Adams learnt about budgeting, saving and investing for retirement when she joined Michigan National Guard in 2012, this opened her to different opportunities that guarantee a better life even after retirement.

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Her making money idea using a side hustle model aside from her pay job started with from her Destite Hair Collection brand couple with her YouTube channel which has around 10,000 subscribers currently.

Adams pay job and side hustles are making her $158,000, which very soon her net worth will grow more than previous years.

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