3 Top Barriers That Keep You From Saving Money And The Best Way Out

Barriers That Keep You From Saving Money

The decision we make today have a great impact on our future, and spending all we earn can put us at greater risk, most time we struggle to save money because of one or two reasons, barriers that keep you from saving money are what to fight.

Often time we normally have money to pay for bills, do some shopping but most time putting a certain amount into saving becomes difficult to do.

If you don’t know how to save money, I called it a very bad habit that may land you in a pitiful future, nobody wants a future, that can’t canter for family and close relatives. 

You are going to disappoint yourself and your family when an emergency arises and you have no money to sort it out and this normally happens when you don’t cultivate the habit of saving money.

Often time we usually put emergency bills to saving in a different account, separated from our normal regular saving account which makes it better. At least if you don’t have any regular saving plans, you should have an emergency fund.

You should be able to control your spending to accommodate saving money every month, if not every day, it becomes better if you make it happens every day but there’s always one reason or another why we can’t save more often and they need to be addressed but before that what are those excuses we normal give that serves as roadblocks to our saving.

Let have a look together at the 3 barriers that keep you from saving money and ways we can stop them;

The fact that you can’t save money from the previous month or years, doesn’t mean, you can’t do it again and still have money for a whole lot of things in the future, you only need to stop what is holding you back.

You are not doomed forever as there is a solution to every barrier that keeps you from saving money, the common roadblocks that prevent people from saving money and the solutions to get out are in this article.

3 Barriers That Keep You From Saving Money and the solution

It is time to get over saving money excuses; there are chances that you are stuck in one of these common savings barriers. It is time to fly off these money hurdles.

Hinder #1: You always believe you don’t Enough Money Left Over to Save

This is the first excuses people give, you hear, after my monthly pay, I have to sort out bills and give myself some little treat, I don’t have money left to put to saving, maybe I should be able to do some saving next month, the same excuses may linger for 6 months, a year or more.

Spending your earnings shouldn’t be the first thing to do, putting some percentage to saving before spending the remains the best.

You can manually do your saving or automate the process to make it easier, either w, ay, you want to go, just make sure you are depositing money into your savings account before you pay bills or go shopping. Let that become your good habit.

Figure out how much you need to put into your saving account by creating a budget for your money before spending. This will help you track your spending, you will know everything you need to spend on and what money is remaining.


It is best to always put 20% of your earnings into saving and the other remain 80% should be distributed according to your need, if you don’t see the need to finish up the 80% on bills and shopping, you can save more than 20% of your take-home pay to quickly meet your other financial goals.

The 20% you save this month doesn’t not ma but the habit to keep it going on regular basis matters a lot. In a very nutshell, you need to cultivate the good habit of saving money every month and don’t ever for once stop.

It helps increase your savings.

Hinder #2: We always want to spend; nobody likes to save Money Just Isn’t Fun

Saving money isn’t fun at all, many people find it difficult to do, we always like to do the spending while neglecting to save. It is a journey that looks rugged to many

If you see saving money as punishment, then it becomes very hard to stick to your financial plans, the best way to make it easier is to come up with SMART goals: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely.

You need a purpose for saving, when you have a SMART savings goal establishes a sense of purpose for saving and helps you see your way to reality.

One of the best ways to have a SMART purpose is this, let’s say you want to travel for a vacation during the holidays, take time to know how much you will need for the journey, then set out a plan on how to start saving for it, you could say okay I want to be putting N 50,000 into my saving account for the next 6 month for my vacation. This will encourage you to save for the purpose because you have a smart goal towards the vacation. When you place an urgency or specific action on something you want, it makes it easier to achieve.


Have a challenge calendar to make your saving to be fun, it helps you build your saving faster, the best way to do this is by setting up fun money goals.

Place more priority on your saving, be nice to yourself and treat yourself nicely, this will keep you saving more money and always encourage yourself. 

Hinder #3: Stop the habit of taking out your Savings

The habit of letting me take little fund out of my savings, I will return it later, will kill your saving goal, as it not always easy to replace the money removed, which in turn decreases your savings, you aren’t going to be successful at saving if want you do is to take part of your savings and spend it.

When you separate your savings from your main checking account helps you to combat touching your saved money, don’t make it easy to transfer money out of your savings, it is not meant to spend now, it is for a purpose and you must fulfil the purpose. You are going to use the money saved but there must be a limit and it must always fulfil the purpose of your savings.

You don’t necessarily need a debit card for your saving account so that you won’t have that you won’t have easy access and make you do away with internet or mobile banking on the account to allowed easy transfer into your checking account.

You may open multiple savings accounts, to have different savings account for different purposes – like keeping your emergency fund separated from other savings. You can make use of online bank instead of brick and mortar banks to easily have your savings account divided for different purposes — like saving for a house Buying or saving for a vacation.


Instead of taken out money from your saving account, the source for money in another way, you can take a part-time side hustle to raise money. Any side hustle can quickly pay you to cover up for you; don’t take out of your savings.

By now you must have figure out if you are faced with one of these 3 barriers that keep you from saving money effectively, you can do more with your finance when you know how can solve these problems.

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