Stay away from these 3 things in life to avoid embarrassment

3 things in life to avoid embarrassment

Human is born with Ego, we feel like a king to others when you are above them with something, wealth, position and power. Friends or family can disappoint you when you don’t even expect it, don’t ever think it is going to be fine, expect the worst when your survivor depends on others, there are 3 things in life to avoid embarrassment from people that you need to know and address.

Nothing feels better than to be financially stable, you are not independent financially,  you are going to be faced with lots of worst situations from people around you but you have no choice but to keep calm and sail through the ocean if you can.

When you are enjoying something you don’t work for, someone is somewhere making the sacrifices for you. In the end, If you are not careful enough you are going to be embarrassed by those free stuff you are getting.

Expect disappointment from friends and family even before it happens, know they can disappoint you anytime.

It is always good to avoid some things if you don’t want to be disappointed.

Life is surrounded by different circumstances, things may go weird and you won’t have any other choice than to stay with a friend or family, make sure your stay is not for a long time, because if you plan to stay with them for a long time you are going to be faced with some things, it all depends on you how you want to cope with it.

Though we need each other, people can go weird on you when you are too over-dependent on them over a long period, in a very short while you are going to turn into a slave if you are not careful.

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It is therefore better never to allow your finance crash, the trauma in living with someone may be much for you to handle when it starts coming.

Know the 3 things in life to avoid embarrassment

Stay away from peoples abuse by avoiding these 3 things in your life

  1. Don’t allow anyone to be feeding you

a friend or family may be ready to help you when you are faced with challenges, seriously they are willing to help but not for a long time, if the process continues then the expected time, you are going to know the real nature of them.

When a person is providing the food you eat at all times, it becomes a problem, they have authority over you and they can do anything with you.

You get to know people’s characters the more when they are giving you something and it is happening too often.

You should avoid someone feeding you for a long period. Such a person will turn you around and make you feel worthless in no time.

  1. Avoid someone to be clothing you

Never allow someone to be buying your clothes too often, they make it a point of reference and be using it against you when a matter arises.

Go with the clothes you have, though they may buy for you, don’t let it happen often.

Be courageous enough to let them know you are making an effort to be productive for yourself so that they don’t see you as anybody and as someone who is not ready to do anything other than to enjoy everything for free, get your clothing yourself.

  1. Don’t get too comfortable living with someone 
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You will get to know how dramatic people can be when you start living with them for some time. We don’t say you can’t plan a visit but when you plan to stay for a long time, it becomes a problem.

If someone houses you or pays for your accommodation and it is happening too often, it is a big problem, they are going to embarrass you soon.

4 best way to avoid embarrassent from people

If you don’t want people messing around with you even when you are faced with a situation that crashes down your finances. We have 4 different things you need to do to avoid embarrassment.

  1. Get job

The first thing that can never make you a burden to others is to work.

When you have a job, you will be able to pay your bills and live on your terms.

You can get a job that pays you a constant amount every month, which is known as an active way of earning or going for a passive income job.

What you need is money, go for any job that can pay the bills.

  1. Invest wisely

Making money is the fundamental basis of your financial life, knowing how to manage money becomes crucial to the owner.

It is better not to invest at all than invest wrongly and lose all your money.

Stay away from an investment you don’t know anything about, it is good to know about the investment before tapping into it.

Sometimes ago I made such mistakes, and such will never happen to me again, this is one of the major reason why this blog was founded to teach people about personal finance, i don’t want anybody to lost all hard-earned money

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We are not saying you should not invest, of course, you have to invest but be wise about your investment, try to know about the investment before you put in money.

  1. Never spend much, put things on a budget

Budgeting can never be overruled as it is very important and it makes a lot of differences in your finances, it helps you know what you are spending on and how you are spending your money.

Never overspend on things that don’t bring value to you, so that you won’t end up at Zero levels.

  1. Plan your finance

plan to succeed, don’t plan to fail, financial planning is very important, it allows you to manage your finance very well to avoid bad omen just like you are talking about.

The best way to plan your finance is to know what job to do and how to plan your spending, lastly, the kind of investment you want to go for that will help you sustain your finance


The three things to be avoided has been started and we have also talked about how it a be avoided, don’t let them feel like without them you can be accommodated, clothed or fed, you are the controller of your life and finance.

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