5 Christmas filled movies from Netflix you need to watch

5 Christmas filled movies from Netflix

Christmas is here and we are in the mood of the season, as we enjoy the festive period, knowing the right movies best perfect for the season may come tasking. We are revealing 5 Christmas filled movies from Netflix for you.

Some may know the right movies to see while it becomes impossible to others, we are here to quickly show you the best movies that go along with the season.

Enjoying the Christmas meal, without some fun comes boring, we believe despite the rules set to curb the spread of the deadly COVID-19, some we still find their way out but for those who are going to be at home enjoy these 5 movies while you stay at home.

If you have seen these movies, you are good to go for others, we are only recommending these 5 here and without wasting much of your time, let dive into it, if you like any of the movies you can give us a kudos later.

Here are 5 Christmas filled movies from Netflix we are recommending



The perfect movie to watch with friends and family in this season is Holidate. It is a story of two strangers, who are ready to mingle because they are tired of being single.

They became Platonic lovers and as time goes on, real feeling caught in, the movie is full of drama and comedy you need to see but not recommended for under 18.

See movie here.

The Holiday

the holiday

When looking for an awesome romantic comedy movie to watch with friends and loved ones, this time around, it is the holiday.

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It is a story of two girls who came from two different continents, both are experiencing a rough patch in their love lives and decided to swap houses to try and heal. Love was later found in the new locations by both.

Jingle Jangle


This movie can be enjoyed by the entire family, a great Christmas musical movie for all.

Toymaker who was betrayed by his apprentice found hope after his granddaughter appears on his doorstep.

Watch here.

Shrek The Halls


Shrek The Halls talks about Shdek’s first Christmas and his adventure. The 30-minute movie explained how things failed to go as planned.

At the end of the film, he was able to come up to define Christmas in his term, watch here.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas

HowThe Grinch Stole Christmas

Another Christmas filled comedy movie you need watch is the Grinch Stole.

Grinch lives in solitude and hates the townsfolk, likewise detests Christmas but a little girl who believes in the festive was able to reform him.

Watch here.

We have suggested the 5 Christmas filled movies you can watch this season on Netflix if you want to help us add to the list, do so in our comment section.

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