5 Creative Ways To Invest In Real Estate

creative ways to invest in real estate in 2021

Real estate investing is on the rise more than it was before and people have started realizing how important it is to invest in real estate, many may not have gotten into this investment but it is better late than never that is why knowing the creative ways to invest in real estate in this year will help you.

About a few years ago, I have a friend who took the bold step to invest all he has then into real estate, after few 5 years, his investment yielded a lot of results that turned him into an instant millionaire, those days many have not to discover several ways in which they can invest in real estate, we now have many individuals and corporate organizations investing big sum into the real estate industry and they are pulling a lot of money out as profits.

The internet has been of creating help to many as it helps to know more about real estate investment ever than before, in this centuries we shouldn’t be ignorant of the things that can make us money and build a better future for our selves.

One of the best ways to invest hard-earned money and never lot investment is to go for real estate investing, it is better than stock because in the stock market it is easy to lose money but even a beginner in real estate investing can be making an awesome return. 

If you will like to invest in real estate, this article will show you some of the creative and get the most money in the market, this means if done right you are going to be making six figures every month. 

 If you have your money tired in some other investments like agro or stock, you can still diversify if you think real estate investment is going to be good for you but I can assure you you can never go wrong with real estate investing.

You don’t need all the money in this world to start, with little upfront many people have made millions investing in real estate.

Best creative ways to invest in real estate

How to buy a house without seeing it physically

Investing and making money with real estate is what every person would like to try because we all want to have a different stream of income and real estate could earn you monthly passive income for life and can turn you into a millionaire, to know more about what and how you can invest in real estate here are 5 creative ways to invest in real estate.

1. Co-Fund A Real Estate Deal With Other Investors (Crowdfunding)

There are deals in real estate investment that an ordinary investor cannot single-handedly pull, you need the help of other investors to have a share, it is our favourite ways of investing in real estate because you it allows you to invest in a bigger deal, and since you are joining other investors your upfront initial deposit will be minimal.

You can start investing in real estate as little as $500 and be an owner in a property; it could either be a commercial or residential property.

An online site like Fundrise allows investor like you to participate in real estate investment with just $500 and co-owner a property with other investors like you, if you are not a fan of Fundrise, another platform you can invest your money with is the RealtyMogul site this also allows you to invest in severities of properties which includes residential, mixed-use and commercial, investors working with these company has a lot of benefits to enjoy and that is part of what I like about them, any investor can start seeing a return just a few weeks after the project is funded.

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2. Invest In A Rental Property

Rental property spin money like a coin as you make money non-stop every month, you can start investing a real estate buying homes and renting them out to produce extra monthly cash flow.

Rentareallyalty needs lots of upfront investment most time and it comes with a maintenance fee, if not every month, those who have the money can start with their investment in rental property, if you don’t much money and you still want to invest In real estate rental property then you can invest online with a site that allows you to make money as a real estate rental property.

A website like Roofstock allows you as an investor to own a rental property, you can buy single-family rental properties with tenants and cash flow or you can even buy more unit for rent through their platform and your money on a low.

Owing to a rental property directly comes with a downside as it requires a lot of cash up front, if you don’t have much money to invest that much at first you can allow going with the online alternative.

3. Rent Part Of Your Home Out

The most landlord who have an extra space or bedroom and they are not making money out of it are missing out, if recovering the money used to build your house is part of your plan, you can start getting that money back little by little when you start rentinportionon of your house out to other people.

you could rent a spare room in your home or the basement to make money, this is another way to invest in real estate, it may sound weird but it should be because you invested some money before you could become a landlord of the property, and with the same property you live-in, you can start to make monthly passive income with it.

Renting a portion of your house gives you a close feel to know more about people behaviours and feel like a landlord to a tenant of the house while you also make money.

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4. Flipping Houses

Housing flipping is risky because you can wake up to see a drop in a property sale market price but it can be extremely rewarding if done properly.

There are bad times for home flipping and there are also good times for it, when you are investing in a real estate house flipping you need to be smart in your dealing to always make profits. 

Home Flipping is all about buying houses with a sum under a market value, fixed those houses and then sell for a profit.

You must know how to bargain if you want to be successful in this type of real estate investment. Home flippers buy houses to repair and them more appealing then sell for a profit.

Sometime the market may not be favourable when you decide to flip a home, you have to wait for a meaningful deal, and if done right, it could be the best investments you’ve ever made in real estate.

5. Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT)

Starting your investment in real estate many be through Real Estate Investment Trusts (RI if you don’t want to be actively involved.

REITs are funds set up for investment into mortgage instruments, bonds, and stocks in real estate. There are different types of REITS which are equity, mortgages, and hybrid. 

Equity REITs invests in properties mortgage REIT invests in mortgages, while the hybrid is the mixture of Equity and mortgage. The three offers high yields you are getting paid from the interest others are paying on their mortgages.

Final note

You may have been thinking about how you can invest in real estate, we have just shown you that there several ways to go about your investment in the real estate space and profits from it without losing your initial deposits, choose what is best for you and stick with it.

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