9 Ways To Earn Money In College As A students Without Much Stress

ways to earn money in college

Students are always broke while in college and as a smart student you don’t need to be broke, you must balance studying with making money. There are some easy ways to earn money in college that every student needs to know and even try to make money within the campus.

Many students are always on the internet seeking information on how to make money, I was like you back then in college.

Working for other students like me was my main stream of income while I was in school and adding up some tasks for students was something I enjoyed doing to earn money during those days.

Though the earn wasn’t much to brag about having a worthy sum to compete with some other students, at least i was not lacking any basic needs and i don’t need to call my parents for money.

As a student you can also start making money for yourself and pay up your bills without much stress, there are many options to make money between classes, some can even be from your bedroom.

The less difficult ways to earn money in college

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1.Birthday surprise

People loved to be wow, especially on their special day, as a student you can learn how to do a birthday surprise to people and get paid for your service.

Most time you can’t do a birthday surprise alone, you need co-workers that blow the saxophone, play a talking drum, who can sing and also dance to make the surprise worthy.

This is one of the trending side hustle any student can quickly jump into and make money from it.

2.  Do make up for students like you

Doing makeup is everyone business these days, everyone wants to look good even the male folks, you can use this business to attract money into your pocket while in school and if you have passion for the job you can go for it full time after graduating from the college.

Being a makeover artist is not restricted to female alone, we now have a male in the business don’t think it for female only. It is a good business to make money from as a student in college. There will always be an event within the school.

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3. Help other students with school tasks

Some students are always looking for who to outsource their school tasks to, you can help them type their project, do assignments and perform some other task students may be craving to pay for within their academic life and make money helping them.

I told you during my days in college, this is what I lived on and it is best for a student who wants to make money to pay up bills without disturbing any family or friends for money.

You can’t go broke with this side hustle as you will always have more jobs to help students with.

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4. Sell used books 

As a student you will always have used books, some textbook may not be needed again after sometimes, some will give these books out to coming up freely but instead of dashing out, you can turn those books to money, sell to others and make some money into your pocket.

If you want to get serious at it, buy from your coursemates and outside the school at a cheaper rate and sell it to those who need it at a profit.

Always do your homework on this side hustle as your school may move to a newer edition, and if you can’t let go of it at that time in your school you can sell online using BookScouter.

5. Watch videos and take surveys for cash

Surveys taken is the easiest form of making money any student can try, it is becoming more easily to earn cash with surveys and watching videos.

Companies are looking for ways to improve their products and services to better serve the general public, and their pumping money into surveys to better understand what people want from them.

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Taking surveys and watching video ads isn’t the most lucrative way to earn money in college but is one of the easiest ways to make some extra money during class.

If you are considering earning money through surveys or watching video ads, Swagbucks will be the perfect platform for different kind of tasks that can help you make some extra cash.

Don’t need to get bored taking surveys or watching video ads, you can choose what interest you the most and make money from it.

Ways to make money in college with high gigs

We have talked about some easiest way to make money as a college student, now let dig deeper into some gigs that pay your high even while in college.

6. Run Facebook ads for other businesses.

You must have one day being on Facebook or Instagram and scroll to see an advert related to something you were just looking at online.

Don’t get messed, people like you are the ones behind the running of those ads, as a college student, you can take the challenge to help local businesses run thief Facebook promotions.

Most local businesses don’t know how it can be done, this is what makes you the most money, become a Facebook ad specialist and help local business owners get in front of more people.

The money you can make with this side hustle is unlimited, once you can help businesses get results are in for bigger money to be made.

7. Start a blog and monetize it.

Starting a blog doesn’t require all the English in the world to be successful at it, there many things to know and if you can get the knowledge right you are on the way to make a living through it during college and after.

You need a profitable niche and a marketing strategy to be successful.

With your blog you can make money in several ways, some of the best ways are through affiliate marketing, own digital products and services.

Most bloggers are found monetizing using affiliate marketing, offering services and display ads.

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If you feel like you want to start a blog as a college student you can start with Bluehost, there you can host your blog/website very cheap and set up your blog running within 10 minutes.

8. Manage social media for businesses.

Social media management is what you can do as a college student and build on it even after graduating from school.

Your job as a social manager is to help the company’s build figures and help the brand to reach more customers they can sell to.

When starting up, you can niche down to a single platform Instagram or Facebook and later manage different social media accounts later

It is one of the best business you can start right from college and grow to never need to look for a job after graduating. 

9. Become a brand ambassador

A brand ambassador helps companies to promote their products to other students within the campuses.

If you’re passionate about a particular product or brand, you can become a brand ambassador for the brand or product in your school and make an extra income as a brand ambassador.

Some of these brands will require their ambassadors to perform college outreach to convince other students to buy a certain product Ir ask the brand ambassador to always go to shows on-campus events to get the brand to the front of other students.

As a brand ambassador, there are lots of benefits that come with it, if you love showing yourself you can go for it.


We have just related to you 10 different way to make money in college without undergoing much stress.

You will always need money in college, making the money yourself will lift more stress from your parents and make you financially independent.

Dont be afraid to push yourself out there and make some money for yourself even as a college student.

You may not need to look for employment after graduating if you can leverage on your collage side hustle.

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