About Fitafaj

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Hi, I Am Tayo

My name is Tayo Ola, I was regretted many times in a job interview, I hate to be broke, and at a time there is no mix to get money, I saw lots of guys like me spending what I was looking for lavishly, I wondered where they are getting the money from and why do they need to be spending money like that.

I thought I could be of help to people who are broke like me, then I realized I could reach a lot of people with my blog then I decided to teach personal finance and i start Fitafaj Blog.

Fitafaj is here to put more money into people’s pockets, help them save more and invest more.

We provide contents that are original, full of fun that adds value to our readers and we are not ready to stop.

We stand as a voice for African and the world at large as we journey together to make money, save money and invest money for the better future we all desire.

Topics on Fitafaj?

i blog about personal finance because i want to help poeple live a better life.

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