How To Perform Money Transfer Using the Access Bank Code

Access bank code

Do you need to do some fast transactions with an Access Bank, you are wondering how fast can you make that possible without visiting the bank or use your mobile app, you can use the Access bank, no internet connection is required.

The introduction of USSD code by banks to simply banking transactions has brought a lot of convenience in getting banking services closer to their customers.

Are you one of the Access Bank customers, looking to use their USSD code in making your transaction, in this article you will find the code and how to use it.

Access Bank code allows bank users to perform five major important tasks with the code, you can buy airtime directly from the bank using the code, you can pay for utility bills, subscription payment and the making of money transfer from the bank, you can do internal bank and extra- bank money transfer using the code.

The Access Bank USSD banking code can be used for different purposes, it is not meant for money transfer alone, to use the code you need to have a clear goal of what you want to do once you dial the code.

Before you can start to use the Access Bank code, you need to first open an account with the bank, if you are an existing customer it is easy to get transactions going on the code.

If you have no account, open one with the bank, you can get the bank account opened online, or if you like physical stuff then go to any of their offices to get your bank account created.

Upon successful bank account opening, you can apply to use the USSD code for transaction, during the process of the account opening, you would have been asked if you want to be provided with internet and mobile banking service, tick yes or mark the space provided to have access to the services.

Now, that you have an account, you can start enjoying the bank USSD services to buy airtime, make a payment, or making a fund transfer.

Benefits of using Access Bank Code for Transfer

  • You can perform almost all banking transactions from your home 
  • The service is painless
  • The USSD code supports any mobile device.
  • It works with any communication networks ( MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, 9MOBILE,e.t.c).
  • It is convenient, safe, and secure.
  • It can be used to open a bank account.
  • It allows you to check your bank account balance
  • It offers payment services

What Is The Access Bank Code 

The Access Bank code is *901#, it can be used for almost all banking transactions, instead of going to the bank, you can be anywhere within the country and outside the Nigeria territory to make transactions.

How To Use The Access Bank USSD Shortcodes For Different Task

Since the Access Bank code over a variety of different services to its customers, below are the different ways you can use the code directly without needing to follow any procedure, here are the codes:

  • *901*0# is used for pin default changing
  • *901*00# for checking  bank Account Balance
  •  *901*Amount# used for airtime purchase
  • *901*Amount*Phone Number# is used for purchasing Airtime for the third party
  • *901*Amount*Account Number# for transfer funds from Access banks 
  •  Dial *901*911#  to Opt-Out, ( this is available to Access Bank and non-Access Bank customers )
  • *901*000*522+eTag Number+Amount# for LCC Toll Account Top-up
  •  Dial *901#  then follow prompt for making and completion of bill payment –

Why Do I Need To Use The Access Bank USSD Code

There are different methods to reach your banking goal, such as using the bank mobile app, visit the bank branch to make and complete transactions but almost all these avenues attract a fee, while the USSD code is free, only fund transfer to other banks costs N80 + N4.00(VAT).

How To Register for Access Bank Transfer Code

Before you can start to enjoy the benefits of Access Bank USSD banking, you need to own your account with the bank, linked with a BVN, and it must be in naira denominated, without any form of restriction on the account.

An ATM Card pin would be needed to complete the registration of the Access bank USSD code before you start using the services for funds transfer and bill payment.

You will need your ATM Card pins to complete the registration, dial *901#, and enter the last four digits and last 6 digits of your ATM card, proceed by creating a four-digit transfer pin.

How to transfer funds from Access Bank.

You can successfully transfer funds from your Access bank to another Access bank accounts, and from your Access bank account to other local bank accounts, using this method provided. 

If you want to transfer money from your Access bank account balance to other Access bank accounts, Dial *901*1*AMOUNT*NUBAN Account Number#. Enter your pin that is all you need to do and the services are free. You are not going to be charged for it.

If you are want to transfer from your Access Bank to other banks in Nigeria, Dial *901*2*AMOUNT*NUBAN Account Number#. This transaction attracts a fee of N 80 + N N4.00 (VAT).

The Access bank code for transactions has a daily limit for money transfers, once it reaches N20, 000, fund transactions are stooped for the day; this is to ensure no fraudulent transaction on the account using the USSD code.

The access bank code can also be used outside Nigeria, If you are outside the country, you can use the *901# service when you are roaming your mobile number.

Access bank codes are not allowed on certain types of accounts, these are Corporate, Association, and Joint accounts, if you are running any of these accounts, you are excluded from using *901# banking.

The bottom line

Banking services can be accessed, these days without the need to visit the bank, there several options that have been made available by banks, it is in your interest to go for any option that you feel you can blend with, USSD bank services is one of the way provided by banks, it is very easy and convenient to use.

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