My visit to Akure Capital of Ondo state in Nigeria comes with a surprise in 2021

Akure Capital of Ondo state in Nigeria

Nigeria is a beautiful country that has 36 states, and I have journeyed to about 15 states among others, over those states visited I have come across different cultures which make those states unique in their way but my journey to Akure Capital of Ondo state in Nigeria was a different experience as it seems strange to see somethings done differently.

The last state I visited was Akure and that was December 2019, you must have heard about the state, one of the beautiful states you will ever find in Nigeria.

I went to the state twice, during my first visits I only spent three days, I was unable to know much of the city and their way of life, I only got to know that the town is a very good place to live.


I got back to the state after my first visit and that was January 2020, I came back because I have some basic assignments over there and that will take me some time before I could finish it up. I had to stay for the time being.

My journey to Akure Capital of Ondo state in Nigeria got me thinking

My first experience in the state was their standard of living, things are expensive in Nigeria generally but that of Akure is on the extreme, things aren’t cheap at all.

I thought the living standard would be economical compared to places like Lagos, Ogun, and Abuja but I got the shock of my life, most things in the state are expensive.

Some things are cheaper in Lagos than in Akure, for instance, I went to a barbershop to have a hair cut, I needed to know the price before the service and the price got me wondering, what is special about the professionals In the state.

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In most of the states of Nigeria, an average guy can still have a cut for 300Naira in some areas but in Akure, you can’t get it done for less than 500Naira. The same thing goes for accommodation in some areas, the only thing that comes cheap is transportation.

I wonder how people living in the state are coping with the price of goods and services. Do you know why because jobs aren’t in the state, with little trade people are doing over there, things still come to be expensive?

My visit to Akure Capital of Ondo state in Nigeria comes with a surprise and I love to from you if you have visited the state.

If the price of goods and services were like that in 2019 and 2020, what is it going to look like in 2021 when almost everything has gone up due to the effect of the COVID-19

Do you have something unique you want to tell us about the Akure capital of Ondo state, wrt with itus in the comment section, we love to hear your thoughts on this?

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