Best 3 Online Travel Agencies To Journey With Any Time

Online Travel Agencies

Travelling around the world wasn’t that easy before this time, thanks to travel Agencies for liberating a whole lot of people from the hassle of getting connected to places globally.

Travel platforms have made it easy for people to book a travel flight or ticket to their destinations from anywhere.

You can be in your toilet and book a flight or even you can be in the office and get connected to travel services with ease.

Most times, the booking is done with travel agencies are known to be cheaper than direct booking.

Your next vacation won’t be completed without embracing a seamless, secure, and easy platform for your booking.

We want it easy for you, that is why we have done everything possible in this article to present the 3 largest online travel agencies in Nigeria.

We believe it will help you when making your next travel arrangements.

Here we are going to show you the top 3 best travel agencies in Nigeria that can help you with all your travel needs.

Ranges from flight booking, reservation, car rentals arrangements, international or local vacation, travel documentation assistance, visa assistance, corporate and group travel management, among others.

It should be noted that we have several travel agencies in Nigeria and you can book with the one you feel confident with.

This article only highlighted the best and the largest travel agencies out of all in Nigeria.

3 Popular Online Travel Agencies In Nigeria

Here we are, the list of the best online travel agencies are unfolded below.

1. Travelstart

Where do you want to go around the world, Travelstthe got you covered as one of the best online travel agency that we have in Nigeria.

You can book through their online platform, search for suitable business and leisure travels, rent a car, and find the best accommodation options

Many people trust Travelstart because of the good reputation they have built over the years.

millions of travellers turned to them for their travel arrangements often time.

With Travelstart you can find the best lowest fares on the market, make a safe online payment and enjoy your travel arrangements.

Their operation spread across Africa and more, with headquartered in Cape Town.  

customers can utilize the online platform to book flights anywhere around the world.

You want to try Travelstart today go for it. 

2. Wakanow

Wakanow has been around for a longer time, at lunched in 2008, the focus was to help resolve the barriers and inadequacies facing the travel industry in Nigeria.

The mission is more than accomplished as the company is among the best and the first online travel agency existing in the country, providing exceptional flight bookings and other travel services to the people. 

Wakanow can help you with your fights booking services and you can do it from the comfort of your room with ease using their online platform.

Things you can do on the platform include travel documentation, flight booking, car rental services and reservation of hotel rooms for their clients.

The company is dominating Nigeria, UAE, United Kingdom, Ghana, and the United States and looking up to open up in more African countries.

You want to try Wakanow today, make the smart move to get your booking and reservation done with ease. 


Have you heard of Icarrygo, maybe this is your first time?

If you are looking for one of the most trusted online travel agencies in Nigeria go for Icarrygo.

Their travel services are top-notch and most of their deals are hard to find with any other travel companies.

Some of the services they offered include domestic and international flights, domestic hotels, international hotels, tours and holidays, car rental, and cruise holidays to mention a few.

To enjoy all the amazing travel services with Icarrygo, use their platform to make a booking or reservation today.

Wrapped Up

We have come to the end of the 3 best and largest online travel agencies in Nigeria, like we said earlier we have many travel agencies in the country but these 3 mentioned in this article are the ones we are recommending for online best services.

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