Top 5 Best Banks in Nigeria To Open A Banking Account

Best Popular Banks in Nigeria

When it comes to banking in Nigeria, your focus may be on which bank to open an account with, and if the bank offers the benefits you need,  we are happy to have the list for you, if you want to know the most popular and the best banks in Nigeria with more account opening benefits, continue reading this article.

You might have been looking for this; here are the lists of the banks to know in Nigeria.

Opening up a new bank account should attract some benefits but it is hard to come across such in Nigeria but I will try to sort through the best popular brick and mortar banks in Nigeria that can give some account opening benefits you may need.

Top 5 Best Banks in Nigeria

There are popular banks in Nigeria with high-yield savings accounts; I will tell you the popular banks for Nigerians that have offered for new customers. Many I want to talk about here are available through brick-and-mortar. 

1. Zenith Bank 

Zenith bank has been around for years in Nigeria. You can walk straight into the bank to get the account opened or apply online; it is easier and continent when you do it online.

Whether you want a basic account or one bursting with options, you will find the right account that meets your expectation.

You can open a zero account 

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Earn interest at 1.15%

Have access to internet banking

Travel and holiday offers

And other interesting benefits that make the bank worth trying.

2. GT Bank 

GT Bank is a people’s bank, many young and adults in Nigeria flood this bank and this makes it to be one of the popular banks in Nigeria with more attractive benefit for new and existing customers. You can sign up for the bank online or walk to their bank to open an account of your choice.

You can earn attractive interest on a daily balance with the bank

Help you to be financial independence

You can enjoy free banking services

And other interesting benefits. 

3. Access Bank 

Access bank account offers you more benefits that may bit your imagination; you can take advantage of an attractive offer this bank popular offer often to land a millionaire. No minimum opening deposit is required with Access bank, you can apply to have an account with the bank online or through a physical outlet.

 You can open a zero account

The bank comes with digital free services 

Other interesting benefits come with a different account. 

4. First bank

Open a zero account is possible with the First bank, the bank has been around for ages and it is very popular among the banks we have in Nigeria.

You can apply for an account of your choice either online or walk directly into the physical store.

I love the First bank because you can open a checking account, you can do more with finance when you bank with the First bank.

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I just got to discover that the first bank has 401k and mortgage services. 

Open an account for free with the bank

Most of the digital services come almost free 

With many other interesting benefits. 

5. UBA

When you open an account with Uba, it comes with a digital solution that various benefits that will encourage you to stay in control of your finances anywhere you are. After completing all qualifying activities, you’ll receive a lot of benefits from the bank.

You can open a zero account 

You can earn an interest rate a monthly or annually.

And many more other interesting benefits you can ever think of.

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