Best Places to Buy Property in Nigeria in 2021

best places to buy property in Nigeria

Investing In property has increased over time in Nigeria, people are now aware of the profits that can be made in property, Investing in real estate requires you to know some suitable and best places to buy property in Nigeria.

Investing in real estate is not about buying a property, there are many factors needed to be considered before making your final decision to buy. 

In today’s article, we are going to be highlighting some best places to buy property in Nigeria. Property investment can be wisely done and make profits if the location has prospects for growth.

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Where are the best places to buy property in Nigeria

Let talk about the towns and cities to consider, 

If you are looking to invest in property we have some tips for the best places to invest in property in Nigeria.


Lagos is the heart of commerce in Nigeria, property market will continue to see a tremendous amount of growth in the state now and forever, Places like Ikorodu, Imota, Epe, Maryland, Abule Egba and others have blown up over the last few years. This is not just about the property, the towns have been transformed, and is now one of the most lively and exciting places to live for low-income earners.

These places are a strong location within Lagos to invest in property now as the growth of these towns are ever-increasing, as it can also open up opportunities in the surrounding provinces.

As places like Ikoyi, Ikeja, Lekki and others are vibrant areas in Lagos, where people are looking to live and invest, we believe the same for the aforementioned towns in the future, investing in those places will be the best property investment decision.

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If you are scared, we can source for you as that is part of what we do here. Invest wisely in property within Lagos today, if you want to do it yourself, Look for places with easy commuting into the centre of the town or city to benefit the most.

Ogun State

Ogun state made it to the list of the best places to invest in property in Nigeria if you are focused to invest in a state that is close to Lagos, look Ogun as both states are almost integrated with lots of potentials.

Massive urban renewal has taken place within the state which has changed the look of the state and increases people interest towards investing in the real estate of the state, you also can enjoy the growing areas within the state, places like Itoku, Ikija Adigbe, Olumore and others are getting known and there are chances to make property investment work for you within years.

You can still buy at lower prices, while you enjoy it over the years to come.

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Smart investors are strongly looking into areas with more prospects that can yield a lot in the long run and Ogun is on the next phase to experience the greater city.


Abuja is known for the rich folks, only the rich people have the money to invest in most of the vibrant areas, you can be like them, it only takes years, this is what you need to do, invest in property In some areas close to the Abuja, a place like Suleja is a good place to start, keep buying and selling until you can acquire a property in Abuja central, where the big guy’s lives.

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House prices in Suleja haven’t picked up as much, we can help you source,  to save you from stress.

The other part of these articles is going to be updated soon as we are making research to gather up useful information for all.

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