Best Stock Brokers In Nigeria For Trading And Investment

Best Stock Brokers In Nigeria

Stock investment can be risky, yet is still a viable way to build wealth,  finding the best stock brokers in Nigeria and the brokerage firm when trying to start investing in the stock market can be a very difficult one.

In this article, we are ready to show you stockbroking firms that Nigerian stock traders can invest with and have the best trading experience that yields profit to the trader’s pockets.

Let’s start to talk about the best brokers in Nigeria, there are many in the stock market but right here we only have the list of the best Nigerian stockbrokers that may be good for you in your journey. 

List of The Best Stock Brokers in Nigeria 


Meristem is among one of the best stock brokers in Nigeria, that place values on everything they are doing, their clients are always at the top of their list, teamwork is the secret of their winning that makes them remain relevant in the market.

One of the things I love about Meristem is the level of Professionalism and integrity they put into work and also they take responsibility for all their actions

They are known to bring results and improve customer relationships that lead to greater achievement for both parties.

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Have you heard of Meristem they give you everything to make you a happy customer when you work with the company?

2. BGL Limited

Another top-rated broker is BGL Limited also known as Banc Garanti Limited, which began its financial operations 2 years after May 1993 year of in cooperation.

BGL has acquired partnerships deal with some of the well known financial companies and has a wide array of clients ranging from government to corporate and even high net-worth people invest in BGL.  

The company is known to be among Nigeria’s financial corporations with a stock market arm, strong enough to keep their clients coming back to them and getting more new subscribers.

3. Icon Stock Brokers Limited

Icon Stockbrokers Limited is one of the oldest stock broking companies in Nigeria, the firm is known for its excellent records and active participation in the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

also offers a wide array of financial services that are specially custom-made to meet the needs of individual customers needs are also canter for by Icon Stock Brokers Limited, which made the company be among of the trusted and best stock brokers in Nigeria to work with.

4. Sigma Securities Limited

Sigma Securities Limited makes sure they are providing their clients with satisfaction, in financial marketing. 

Sigma Securities is known for its quality services and customer-centric approach putting them ahead for a long time.

They are licensed by the Nigerian Stock Exchange and their mission is to

Provides world-class and quality services to aid in the challenges of the daily requirements of each of their investors worldwide.

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To invest with sigma you need a minimum of 5 million Naira, you can purchase your stocks with them when you have up to such an amount.

5. Cradle Trust Finance and Securities Limited

Cradle Trust Finance and Securities Limited allow stock investors to trade with them; the company was introduced to business on December 20, 2005.

Just like others mentioned above, Cradle Trust is also registered under the Securities and Exchange Commission and they are best known for the financial services, the licensed enabled company to operate as a stockbroker in Nigeria.

They have experts, who make sure you as an investor get a better value when you invest with them. The firm has already established its credibility and integrity in the country as one of the best brokers in Nigeria.

6. Action Alliance Stockbrokers

Action Alliance Stockbrokers provide more detailed current information on where clients can invest their money since the aim of the company is to be one of the best stock broking firms in the world; they strive to keep to their mission.

One of the major obligations of the company is to let their clients become more financially aware of their finances and has aligned most of their clients to be more informed about their financial needs. 

The company is known all over the continent, they make all their services fun to most investors.

Their stockbroking service is top-notch, you can’t let go of the company when you try to have a taste. If you are looking for the best place to invest stocks, go with Action Alliance.

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7. Bosworth Assets and Trust Limited

Bosworth Assets and Trust Limited is also part of the oldest stockbroker in Nigeria.

The firm has local and international business connections and this has made people have a huge trust in the ability of the company to deliver.

They have global clients with offices and world-class professionals in their local and international offices to satisfy their clients and meet their demands can trust this company with your stock investment because they have proven records of success for decades.

8. First Guarantee Risk Solutions

First Guarantee Risk Solutions is a client-based stock brokerage firm, they are more into helping clients who have challenges and are at risk in their financial strategies.

First Guarantee Risk Solutions most time provide legal advice to stockholders who encounter financial difficulties and losses, the records show that their clients are not locally based; they have international clients just like the local.

First Guarantee Risk Solutions ensure that the security of finances of their clients is meant.

9. Adonai Stockbrokers Ltd

If you are looking for the most active stockbroking firm in Nigeria, go nowhere other than Adonai Stockbrokers. The company was duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission in 2003.

Also an active member of the Nigerian Stock Exchange, with hundreds of active investors

Adonai Stockbrokers offers high-quality services to meet the standard needs of their local and foreign clients. They know for outstanding business transact and services.

The list of best stock brokers in Nigeria are listed up, let us know if we have missed anyone.

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