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There are business opportunities to tap into in Nigeria among others are unpopular businesses that are very lucrative.

If you ask me, there are some uncommon business opportunities many don’t know about that are lingering right now in Nigeria and all are evergreen opportunities to make money from.

In this article, we are going to be showing you five uncommon business opportunities to tap among others.

These businesses are lingering as many as not tapping into the potential that comes with them. 

There are uncommon business opportunities to tap into in Nigeria

List of Uncommon Business Opportunities To Tap Into In Nigeria

1.  Landscaping or Gardening 

If you have some experience in landscaping and gardening, you can make a whole lot of money, it is a service-based small business opportunity that can make you money in Nigeria.

You can land a contract for a different gig which includes weed control, tree removal, snow removal, ground maintenance, grass treatment.

2. Equipment maintenance

Maintenance is a business to profits from and mostly maintenance contract can be secured from private and government agencies.

Oftentimes it is a business contract that runs on a multi-year basis, which makes it a stable business that you can tap into for a very long term.

Operations and maintenance services are numerous, what you find interest-in is what you should go for, some areas to look at are roadway, parking, facilities, public safety, vending machines, telecommunication cables and office equipment.

This is one of the business in Nigeria that has not to be exploited fully and it can be started by anyone that has an interest in maintenance services.

3. Rent Your Unused Space

Instead of letting your space remains unused, why can’t you rent it out for money, the space may be your room or garage.

You can start making money with your space.

It’s a passive income business idea to make money from, if you are considering your safety, you can rent your space with sites like Neighbour or Airbnb as they guarantee your safety and that of your property.

We are in the sharing economy and tapping into one of such noche you can make money right from your car or home.

You can either rent out your room or help others near you store their stuff instead of renting an expensive storage facility, people make use of your house and get paid as they retrieve their goods.

4. Dog Walking And Pet Products

Dog walking may seem not popular in Nigeria, but one can tap into this niche and know it.

The busy family would likely love to have a pet sitter when they’re not around, you can watch over them.

Selling pet products online is another thing you can combine with your pet services, for example, you can sell everything from organic foods to apparel, beds and luxury accessories used by pets.

Dog walking and pet products pay and since every pet owners would continue to carter for their dog if you start this business your enterprise security is secured.

This is another business opportunity you can explore right now in Nigeria before many competitors bring it up.

5. Become a self-published author

If you love writing, this is for you, have you ever thought of publishing your book written by you, this is good news and a better way to make money in the publishing industry without investing the wheel.

Become a self-published author is the way and it is one of the best small business opportunities you can venture into in Nigeria.

As a self-publisher, you don’t need to work wwithaanestablished publisher to manage the production processes of our book of making.

You can do everything on your own, the internet is full of interesting readers and there is plenty of space for you to make your cut of the money in the self-publishing business.

This business has not been fully exploited in Nigeria, many self-publisher can still make a whole lot of money in this niche.

We have some self-publisher who started as a blogger, to build an audience for their publishing business and turned it into a lucrative venture.

You can start today and make money and enjoy your writing business.

Wrapped Up

The list of the 5 uncommon business opportunities to tap into in Nigeria, is for you to choose from, you can start any of these businesses and make good money before others do. 

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