8 creative ways to earn extra money on the side in Nigeria

Creative ways to earn extra money on the side in Nigeria

There are times when all you need is to quickly find a way to add up your earnings to put food on the table, figuring out how to make some cash will be the only options to result to, you are not just seeking ways to make extra income but creative ways to earn extra money on the side as fast as possible.

We are put together this article to help you find ways to increase your money and savings quickly for present and future bills to be paid.

What are the creative ways to earn extra money on the side? 

You are not alone in this struggle; we are ready and set to get you through the process of hacking creative ways to earn extra money on the side in Nigeria as we unveil 10 best side hustle you can engage in any time.

1. Let your photos bring the money

It is not everyone that knows about the money their beautiful moment’s command, you travelling is your thing or you love taking photographs of yourself or a place, you can put that to work, let those photos make you some money right from the comfort of your home or anywhere you are around the world.

It is easier to make extra money from your photos without having to be a professional photographer; you can sell through Foap and get paid $5 for every picture someone purchases from you.

2. Drive for Uber 

Driving for Uber gives you a whole lot of flexibility as you can schedule your work hours. Seriously this is one of the creative ways to make money. Becoming an Uber driver will earn you money if you are ready to give it a trial. There are benefits you get working for Uber.

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Any free time you work with Uber, you make money but the amount of money you make depends on how many trips you can go-cart people around, aside from making money it helps you know the city you work in.

3. Babysitting Work

Babysitting is good for a people who have the time to keep baby calm if you are looking to make extra money fast try babysitting. This is one of the easiest ways to make extra money; you may not do it every day, it can be once or twice a week, finding this gig is easy as most parents are always eager to offer this job.

Tell people your friends, church and workplace about the new gig you want to start. They are ever ready to pay you. In Nigeria, there is no digital marketplace that offers this service but abroad you can find portals like Sittercity and Care.com to help you land some babysitting jobs that will only be possible if you want to travel out to do a babysitting job. 

4. Start a pet sitting business 

Love for the pet as increased over time in Africa, people now pay attention to their pets more than before. If you love the animal world, you start making extra money just by taking a dog for a walk or boarding a cat for the weekend.

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People are not into this business much in Nigeria, you can be among the first hundreds of people to start this business; you can advertise your pet-sitting business on social media, put up signs throughout your tell neighbourhoods, family and friends about your new pet business.

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5. Become a photographer.

If you want to go the photography way to earn extra money, and you have a nice camera you can start shooting for the wedding, and birthday. Creating a niche photography business will earn you the most money. 

Your pricing depends on you but is a good passive income business idea you can start on the side.

6. Rent your car to others

Wonder why some cars sit in the garage for days without making any money with it, if you are not super-rich, don let your car sits, rent out to be who need for a wedding or those who need for a business meeting.

This is a great idea to make money, you can start today by finding a car rental service, who is capable of taking proper care of your cars when you rent out to manage the risk of damage.

A company like Turo is one of the easiest ways to make some extra money just by renting out your ride; 

we hope to have this type of digital company where Nigerians can rent out their cars to others soon, however, insurance is very important is this business model.

7. Sell things you don’t need 

We always have stuff around the house we don’t need, you can sell those stuff for cash using apps like letgo, VarageSale, Poshmark and thredUP make it easier to make extra money by selling secondhand stuff.

8. Rent your belongings.

Rent out your clothing, car or any other thing you can let go for a lease, some companies let you rent out nearly any of your belongings

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Most of the in-demand items are camera equipment, projectors, and lighting. You can make a decent amount of renting your stuff out.


We have given you 8 creative ways to earn extra money online right from the comfort of your home, try a few of these to make extra income.

Try to scale up your earnings once you staff listed side hustle we are recommending to you, the most interesting is that all these creative ways of making money can be done from anywhere. 

Comment down below, to give us more insight into the ways you know money can be earned for others to learn.

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