6 Ways to Land Dream Job In Nigeria With Little-to-No Experience

Dream Job In Nigeria

Getting a dream job is hard work, most especially if you don’t have experience in the field or when the experience doesn’t match to get you the dream job In Nigeria, even at entry-level jobs.

There is good news for you, Job posting doesn’t determine your ability when it comes to landing a job that you know that you can do better even without the experience needed.

You may not understand the total career path and still want to jump on it.

Many things are available for you to land that dream job in Nigeria and even if your resume doesn’t exactly match a job to applying for, or you have little to no experience of the job.

Getting the job requires you to put in more effort rather that will confuse the employer to see you as a good fit for the job.

Trying to apply for a job you don’t have much experience on, should be a bearer, no one will beat you for that, you may try your luck and get to shine and launch into your ever dream job with no prior experience.

There are skills you need to sharpen; even if you are going to be faced with many ups and downs before you can get the job due to your lack or little experience you have in possession.

There is still a way around it, but first, get your confidence to pull together then be better at your commutation skill to land the job.

6 Tips To Land Dream Job In Nigeria

Many shy away from applying for jobs that are not about what they studied even though the job might be their dream job but because of the held certificate they look away from it or little to no experience in the field might be why they are applying to land that dream job.

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Look here this article is here to help now, keep reading to get all the tips that can give you a head up to secure that dream job.

1. Apply for the Post

Often time, job seekers tend to look at jobs that suit the certificate and the years of experience they have, to judge their chances of getting a job, though it is necessary to consider That the first piece of advice is never to look than at the ability you have over the job.

If that is your dream job, draft your resume and align the little experience then when you have the chance to get to the interview, try to confuse the interviewers that you can do the job perfectly well even without have much experience about the job.

You need to change your mindset and attitude about jobs positions, if you are not going to get the chance to work the job, you won’t get called for an interview at the first instance.

Your way to get an interview means, you have a chance to get the dream job if you can sell yourself very well to the company that needs you.

 You may not have all of the qualifications listed in the job posting for the job, you need to focus your attention on the experience, knowledge, and skills you have and align it with the job posting.

2. Know More About The Company Culture

The ability to land that dream job also depends on the knowledge you have about the company you are applying for a job. 

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You need to know a lot about the firm to stand a better chance of getting the job.

Do your background findings while applying for any position, get to know who the firm what your application to structures and mirror everything to your advantage.

Most companies are often looking for a team player with a good worth ethic; you want to remain the best for the job.

Focus on the strength you have and how you can help the organization aim of why they want to hire you for the position.

 Don’t go outside of the box, use the job posting as a step to write your resume, LinkedIn profile, and other career documents

Be able to translate the practices of your previous work experience into a story your prospective employer can appreciate to give you the new role you are applying for even when you have zero experience of the new job you are applying for.

3. Show You Are a Good Fit For The Posting

One of the best strategies to land a dream job with your resume is your working backwards, mostly if it’s a job you think you are not qualified for. 

You must show the ways you will help the company to meet up with the task of the position you want, be it work ethic, education or attitude.

You are to connect your target role with your precious experience to get hired, capitalize on experiences that match what your employer is looking for, don’t include irrelevant stuff.

If you do your application may not get a chance to reach the job interview.

Companies want to know they’re hiring someone who understands what they need, be very disciplined if you must stand a chance to get the job.

4. Highlight Everything You Need To Impress Employer

Your cover letter, speak a lot about you, but everything about you that will motivate your employer and get a chance to be called for a job interview.

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Employers are always huger to meet an applicant that spikes up their mind, with their cover letters. They want to quickly know you and test if you can deliver to the company with the skills you have.

If the company mission and goals align with your values and goals, put them in your application.

5.  Quality Job Application Is Better Than Quantity

Quality is better than Quantity in your resuming and cover letter; you can win the race when you do the right thing with your application.

The internet has made it possible to get dozens of cover letter and resume you can copy/paste and edit to suit what you are applying for.

Don’t just think because you have access to copy resume and cover letter on the internet means you won’t fine-tune it, Never rush the process of getting the best out of your resuming and cover letter.

Focus on quality over quantity when applying to roles, if you must get one at all.

6. Have A Good Relationship With Your Network As You Growing Them

The time you spent searching for your dream job might feel too long, and sometimes it might be unproductive.

 As you hunt for jobs and wait for the job offers to roll in, keep in mind this is a process of building a network.

 The process gets better when you apply for jobs and get job interviews, this means, you have started growing a professional network.

 The Recruiters, Hiring managers, and prospective co-workers that you have a chance to have a conversation with about the jobs are now a part of your network.

Treat them like that is all you got in life, you never know when new opportunities will present themselves through these people. 

Let your interactions with everyone while searching for your dream job, be positive.

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