6 Best Farming Investment Apps in Nigeria That Guarantee Returns

Agro Investment apps in Nigeria

Farming Investment apps in Nigeria are growing rapidly.

Many people are now more interested in agricultural investments. Thanks to agro-fintech entrepreneurs who are helping to fill the gap for individuals interested in farming investments.

if you are looking to invest in agriculture and you are wondering which best platform to use, we have some for you.

in this post, we are going to explain what is farming investments and the six best platforms that can get you started in Nigeria without stress.

What is Farming Investment?

Farming investment is the process of investing money into the agricultural business with the intent to receive a profit at the end of the trading session.

Why Do You Need To Invest in Farming

The Farming investment has a lot of advantages and it is for people who are looking to diversify into the agriculture business.

  • It is a low-risk portfolio investment
  • It offers monthly or yearly interest
  • Agro investment allows secure
  • The market for the products are ever ready

How to Invest in Farming in Nigeria

The whole process has been simplified, unlike before investing in the agriculture business you need to find a company manually or start your own agriculture business but these days some start-ups are using technology to bridge the gap.

Investors only need to invest with any agro investment apps of choice then watch money grow while the agro companies do the business.

Best Farming Investment Apps In Nigeria

  •  Oyel.ng
  • Thrive Agric
  • Agropartnerships
  • Ga’atevest
  • payfarmer

Oyel.ng: Oyel.ng was launched recently to give investors that love to invest in the palm oil business a chance.

This app enables anyone to tap into the global palm oil business right from the app, it is the best way to start investing in an agro-business with a minimum of 50k, you an investor.

Agropartnerships: it is a digital platform dedicated to agro-investment. This is a simple and secure app that allows investors to invest in a profitable agribusiness.

Thrive Agric: is an agricultural technology company that is making agriculture profitable for all, if you are interested in agric, this company is one of the best to partner with.

We know you must have heard about them and if you haven’t, we are making it possible right here.  

Ga’atevest is among the best online investment platform offered by the Nigeria Farmers’ Group & Cooperative Society, you can’t go wrong if you invest in the agriculture business.

The Nigeria farmers group is the initiator of this great idea.

Farmcrowdy: is a global agriculture technology-based company, that allows investment through sponsorship; they are more focused on the agribusiness side.

Payfarmer :  pay farmer was Founded by a fourth-generation farmer with several years of successful farming.

They have managers that have a proven track record in sponsoring, developing, and managing the right farms to maximize return on investment, They are one of the best so far in Nigeria.

There are other platforms in Nigeria that are helping the agricultural sector which we didn’t talk about here, we would like to hear from you, drop a comment down below, and suggest to us more of these apps.

We guarantee if you are looking to invest in the agriculture industry and you don’t want to do the work yourself, try any of these farming investment apps, you are going to make money with ease.

Agriculture remains one of the booming sectors in Nigeria, don’t be left out of money, you can build wealth when you invest in farming.

One of the best ways to profits right now in Nigeria is through agriculture and you don’t necessarily need to be involved in the process, just give your money by investing and you wait to receive monthly or yearly returns on your investment.

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