3 Best Favorite Foods Loved By Nigerians


Just jump right on the post below and tell us, if you have not eaten rice today, Nigerians are lovers of good foods and Nigerians seem to have favorite foods common to all families.

We have several types of foods in African that make us healthy, Nigerians have selected favorite foods, to know what these foods are read on.

The real spirit of African forever lives in us. This means there is no matter how the western world is trying to blend us with their delicacies, our dishes can’t be neglected.

Foods like Pizza, Hamburger, Salad, Eggs, and the likes are finding their ways to replace our known foods, especially among the young folks but despite the rise in all these, Nigerians still have favorite’s foods among all.

The most common foods every home in Nigeria can’t do away with are numerous, but some are popular, these include Yam, Potatoes, Beans, bread, pasta, and many more.

The spirit of Nigeria never dies, we all get favorites foods, we love to consume on a daily.  Our Garri, bread, Akara, soups, Yam can never leave us.

What are we talking about?

Both young and old have favorites, they love to eat before the day runs out.  The daily desire varies but they are some common foods that are popular and widely eaten in Nigeria.

3 Favorite foods Loved By Nigerians

Rice: has been around for about 5,000 years in the world, at the early stage the acceptance was low in the Africa continent but as time goes on it became one of the most popular and most widely consumable products that every home want and now it has become most important food among others.

Every nook and cranny of Nigeria states love eating rice, this food can be prepared in many forms, some of which are white rice, coconut rice, jollof rice, fried rice, and to burst your bubbles, Nigerians would add up beans to spice it up a little more to give a different taste and provide more nutritional value.

Among Nigerians, rice is widely consumed and the trend is not slowing down at all.

We have not been able to come up with a report on other countries’ rice consumption rates. But we are very sure Nigeria will be among the top 5 in the world.

Garri – Out of 100 homes in Nigeria, it becomes very hard to find just one without a cup Garri.

This product has no form of promotion but it sells even more than products that do.

The rich take it, the poor and the middle class does the same.

We don’t need to argue about this, Garri is popular in Nigeria and the citizens can’t do without it, it is our student’s favorite, the majority of the households in Nigeria.

Irrespective of region or ethnicity love to drink Garri or used it to prepared Eba.

The process of preparing Eba is very simple, pour hot water into a bowl and add the desired quantity of Garri granules into it, your Eba is ready for consumption.

The daily consumption is high and it is one of the favorite foods in Nigerians.

Beans and bread: Beans and bread are also popular in Nigeria, it is high in protein and less expensive, best eaten for breakfast. Bread can be eaten alone without the beans best-served with Moi-Moi, fried eggs, boiled eggs, noodles, stew, and many more, while Beans can also be eaten alone or can be turned into porridge, Jollof beans, and bread or with rice Nigerians love it. 

Our Conclusion

Our findings, have revealed that they are numerous foods loves by Nigerians but some are widely consumed than others, and that is why we have selected foods Nigerians can’t do away with. 

Our view has proven to be true but we might have missed out on some important foods, check our comment section below and tell us your point.

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