Financial Podcasts That Teach You About Money

The 6 Best Financial Podcasts That Teach You About Money

The economy must have hit your finances and you are looking for the best possible ways to boost your crawling finances, several financial podcasts that teach you about money if you love reading articles personal finance blogs like, and others will be the best fit for you however not everyone has the time to read every time, if you are among those set of individuals, you can get a money video from experienced video content creators by listening to podcasts.

The podcast is the latest way and easiest form of learning about finances in recent times, as many busy individuals go with them on their ears to learn about money and many other fields from experts, We can’t let go of this page without telling you what is trending lately and the easiest form of learning about finance.

Let me ask you a question;

How many podcasts have you listened to from the beginning of this year? None right, it is not too late to get in control of your finances with podcasts, if you want something that will teach you about finance, you have it closer to you than ever, you only need to devote your time to listen. 

Whether you want education or commiseration on personal finance.  You can learn through a podcast, I know you have money to your heart right now almost everyone thinks about money every minute, yours won’t be the first and the last.

We have a lot of podcasts content creators who are ready to help you reach financial independence, if you can dedicate your time to learn and follow their teachings, you are going to see enormous success in your finances. In this article, I will reveal the best podcasts you can listen to.

6 Best Financial Podcasts That Teach You About Money

These financial podcasts will help you through budgeting and be a better money manager; if you learn from them, all that you need are just great tips that can turn your finance around for good and with these 10 financial podcasts, you can set your personal finance goals uprightly.

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1. Afford Anything

The host and founder of Afford Anything blog were Paula Pant, who teaches about fiancé, this platform talks much about being better at using money, the founder’s normal conduct interview for money experts and have it in podcasts format for the benefit of all. 

The podcast runs weekly and is geared towards answering listener questions about money, business and financial independence. Weekly episodes run about 90 minutes.

2. HerMoney

Jean Chatzky is a financial journalist and entrepreneur Jean Chatzky’s, HerMoney podcasts talk about money issues, most of her teaching is towards women, She believes women need financial advice, her podcasts is a good resource for all women to learn about finance and everything about the psychology of money.

3. Motley Fool Answers

Personal finance site The Motley Fool has podcasts helping their listener to be smart money mover; the podcast answers money issues listeners may be faced with a real-life experience.

 The Hosts Alison Southwick and Robert Brokamp break down everything on personal finance to their listeners.

4. Brown Ambition

Brown Ambition weekly 60-minute show will give you the financial help you may need; the host are Mandi Woodruff, The Budgetnista, and Tiffany Aliche and they all come together to answer listeners’ pressing money questions on career, success, building wealth and navigating money in relationships.

5. Bad With Money

Bad With Money host Gaby Dunn through interviews with experts and personalities answers personal and pressing questions about the money of his listeners. 

The host is a journalist, actor and comedian; much of his personality talks are expected from him, as he teaches you how to pay for mental health care, student loans and investing. 

6. The Clever Girl Knows

 The Clever Girl Knows podcast will help you build wealth; pay down debt and save money. If you are on a mission toward creating wealth, you can’t go wrong with The Clever Girl Knows podcasts, Hosted by Bola Sokunbi, who is a Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI) and the founder of Clever Girl Finance.

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Her experience is what you will learn from; most of the talks are dedicated women to help them take full control of their finances. 

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