Don’t Hunt Girls When You Are Financially Unstable

Chase the money

If you are finiancially unstable dont chase the love.

Money and love seem to be perfect with each other, when one is lacking it comes to a problem to cope in a relationship.

Most of the financial responsibility hangs on the man therefore if you are still hustling stay away from girls, look for money.

You will likely want to explore many things when you are in love just to please your partner, love is beautiful but seeing a true love partner with no personal self money interest is where the problem lies.


A girl will give you an assurance that nothing can come between you guys, seriously if you are a broke dude, something called money will separate you both, few ladies endure relationships nowadays because everybody wants to be fine.

As a guy, if you don’t have it all, don’t go near them to avoid heartbreak.

True love in this generation is rare, money rules relationships these days.

You don’t need to be told, look around you how many relationships have gone to the derail because of money.

if you look inward you are going to be able to point out 5 to 7 relationships that have been scattered because of lack of money.

The relationship can be so sweet at the beginning but as time goes on when things expected by your partner are not forthcoming, they immediately back out of the relationship.

Money distraction will surely break-in, some may overcome it while it is going to be the end of love for some.

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Love is sweet when you chase the money

Whether you like it or not money is important in a relationship, as a guy hustling for the cash, It is always better to take chill pills on a girl, if you don’t’ even when your bae loves you %100 she will still cheat on you because you are broke.

This is not just a random assumption, we are telling you the fact, a perfect example is when a girl truly loves she tends to tell you everything including that new guy that just woo her, she tries to be faithful to you. We have seen different cases like that where ladies who claimed to love their man 100% were found cheating for money.

Remember she said nothing is going to separate you guys but money is breaking you guys apart that shows how powerful money is in a relationship.

A lady will cheat on you, and won’t have any genuine reasons for doing such than you couldn’t meet up with her demands whenever she asked.

She may strive to cheat on you, but she couldn’t restrict all the expensive gifts other guys are bringing to lure her.

She may wait for you hoping everything will be fine but the fact that you couldn’t meet up with her demand, she will leave for one of those guys that have the money.

 It’s hot to see someone you love, loving someone else over money.

Hustling for the money, don’t chase any girl you will lose her to another man when you have not made much money for yourself. This is a new generation, the olden day’s era when true love exists has long gone, the few that remain are only baring hoping things change for the better soon and if not they flee.

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Don’t let money be what brings down your relationship guys.

And for the ladies too, always make sure you are making your man be better financially, try to support him that broke guy today you may regret leaving him tomorrow.

The world becomes better when we realize that love is much bigger than money.

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