Fitafaj promise

Fitafaj promises to provide reliable and accurate information at all times.

Fitafaj Promise

As we strive to break the odds in personal finance, we know you are looking for information you can trust, and we are here to make this happen.

The values we placed on reporting and researching the information that can get you equipped with personal finance can’t be undervalued.

We have a team of serious-minded individuals that put in all their best to please our readers.

We are proud to be the place you run to for your personal finance and real estate information, our team spends hundreds of hours every week to streamline the best strategies that can put more money into your pockets and help you make other smart money decisions.

We try to be unique so that can you can trust our brand, as we work with experienced writers to give you the best of information that can help you.

Our headlines are top-notch and the story that follows will get you lifted towards action, we don’t want it to be boring or dry, so we flavor it up for you.

We strive to avoid any form of errors or mistakes in our articles and trust us we are working towards perfection.

All our effort is to help you save money, make more, invest wisely, and retire like a king or queen that you.

We respect your views, opinions, and so do we expect you to give us the respect we deserve.

We are committed to honesty, accuracy and integrity in all what we do.

How We Make Money

As we work, we deserve to make some money to keep running, we have keyed into normal models used by most media houses to earn.

In the future, we may take another route but our readers come first in everything we are doing. We strive not to go against their preferences.

We may not display any ads that come in the form of pop-ups, this is just to give you a smooth user experience without any intrusions that can make it difficult to enjoy the content you are primarily coming to read on our site.

We put the needs of our people first and those who need us have access to what we offer, including our product and service at the front desk, this has made us develop a  revenue model that will accommodate ever users of our site.

The most common form of monetizing you can find on site is a partnership, sponsorship, and affiliate.

The majority of our content is not directly monetized because we like to provide knowledge on personal financing and property investment.

Our mentality is all about making difference in our readers’ lives by reporting and sharing information that matters.

Most times, we partner with brands that offer products or services that can be of help to our readers for a fee.

Some which may come freely are to help our community grow and build a better future.

Any time you buy through affiliate links on our website, we earn a commission from the third parties we are promoting, this is to help us keep this blog alive and give you more information that will have a great impact on your finances when you buy through the links sometimes we get paid for making the introduction, which benefits our partner when someone uses their service.

We informed you of all partnerships with brands through our channels and also on our website with a disclosure.

We follow our voice and pattern, when we partner with brands, we have considered our audience.

How Do We Work With Advertisers, To Compliment Our Audience?

Most of the time we turn down advertisers that don’t align with our mission, we don’t want our audience to be disappointed, instead, we go for what our readers will appreciate and solve their problems.

We don’t just consider the money we want to make; we put our audience at the front of everything we do.

We vet all advertisements before approving to place their products or services on our platform, We don’t accept advertiser that has a different tone from ours and which can be modified.

We are here to let you get ahead of your finance and real estate investment for a better future. All we do is to make you happy always.

Thanks for trusting us.