Top 5 Free Personal Finance Apps That Are Extremely Good To Know In Nigeria

Free personal finance apps

Managing our money sometimes become challenging as keeping up to date on everything can get a little bit difficult, from checking checkbook; tracking and expenses can be overwhelming, the need for free personal finance apps to manage money those things are stuff of the past as we don’t need to stress much to get everything done, with Personal finance apps one can easily  connect with bank account and track all spending activities, save money when spending, give space for investment within the app and the ability to apply for loan when needed. 

Personal finance apps can offer more benefits as it the app shows areas where money are mostly spent, track upcoming bill payment, give chance to make bills payment directly from the app, and lot more that may come with it.

Most of the best personal finance apps provide numerous features such as email reminders, bill due dates, track subscriptions, shared wallets. This is done in a bid to help manage overall finance of every individual. 

The most amazing thing is that most of these app s available on both iOS and Android, leaving every individual the chance to take part in the process of managing their finance on smart phones.

In developed countries like the U.S, most of the finance app companies charge for premium but here in Nigeria, the services of finance app firms are mostly free, premium maybe included later, we can’t predict what tomorrows holds but expect premium . There are finance apps in Nigeria that can help you manage your finance without stress and those apps are discussed in this post for your own benefits. 

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free Personal Finance Apps for 2021

  • Kuda: Best digital bank in Nigeria 
  • kashnow: Best for loan
  • Piggybank: Best for saving and investing
  • Cowrywise: Best for planning, saving and investing
  • FairMoney: Best Bill Payment 

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