Gifts to buy for parents with first salary and reason to save some cash

first salary and parents

Right from the day of birth, up to the time of growing up to become an independent being, parents had spent a lot, on education and made a lot of sacrifice underneath that can’t be mentioned, gifts to buy for parents with first salary should be the easiest things on earth. but as you do that make sure some coins are saved.

Their efforts shouldn’t be neglected. Landing a job might even come through them, it is necessary to show love to them when the first salary payment comes in an unusual way.

There is a common saying, among Nigerians, especially the Yorubas, most believe that the first money made, the first salary collected by a child must be divided into two, one for the house of God while the second part goes to the parents.

Gifts to buy for parents with first salary

The first part of the money should be taken to the house of God, this is to find God’s favour at work and every other part of life, it is very mandatory and important because, getting the job, being alive is not by our own doing.

The parents’ efforts

The second half of the money is supposed to be given to the parents and the child is left with nothing giving out everything without removing a penny maybe the hardest task, remembered most landed their first employment after graduating from school.

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The Belief

Nigerians believe parents will never go away with all the sum, but it is a very risky game when you don’t have any other source to get the money that can see you through the month. I bet nobody would want to play such a risky card.

Parents prayers are important and making them happy is not a thing to joke with, that why they must have cut in the first salary and beyond but the first it’s said to be given to them and church alone without removing a penny but we say don’t do that if there is not to be left you.

Some of things or Gifts to buy for parents with first salary

We have a few things that you can do for them to receive their prayers and make them happy.

These are numbers of things you can do because there are other bills to sort before the second salary comes in and land parents into the happiness that stays forever.

Let’s get started, as we have come up with a few other things that can be done than gift gifting.

Plan a vacation with Parents: Nothing feels better and last longer in memory than you taking parents on a vacation, take them to where they have not been to before, show them around the place.

Let them feel like you all the best son to make them smile and promise to always do more when you have more cash.

Renovate/ replacement somethings within the house: Most parents in today’s times would love to see their children, helping them get the house renovated or replace a thing that is needed in the house.

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The sum with you might be small compare with what is damaged but you can still work on the most important than finish up in the few coming months.

It makes a parent happy. Things parents always wanted to fix are the falling ceiling, carpet, wardrobe, and the painting of the house.

Buy gifts: Buying gifts sounds better but not all parents value it, the real truth is that we can’t rule it out, for the parents that will appreciate it, then buy them perfume, clothes, groceries, will go along way during the first month of getting a salary at the workplace, it is a sign that shows you appreciate their effort over you and sign you can do better when you have more cash.

Our Conclusion

Parents deserve happiness from their children and It is a right to make them feel loved by supporting them financially and materially and also canter for their wellbeing.

In the first month of getting a job and received your first pay, let go of every pay to parents may not be achievable, that is why you need to do some other things to make them happy.

Let us know your take on this.

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