9 Best Growing Gig Economy Jobs To Boost Up Earning Potential

Gig economy jobs

Gig economy jobs have been booming in recent time, as people realized that there is more money to be made in this segment and aside from the money-making, it allows getting flexible with the job than the 5 to 9 jobs out there.

Technology has made it a lot easier for people to do jobs in a new model way, finding new interesting paying jobs is becoming more flexible than ever. The concept behind the gig economy is to help people have a boost of work and increase work from home ideas.

People now enjoy staying with the gig economy jobs than ever and the interests keep growing in popularity. There is great news for everyone who is looking to make money with gig economy jobs.

You may not be fulfilled with a full-time job, you could even be among those who hate to seat for several hours on the same office spot, the full-time jobs may not help you foot the total bills and cost of living, it is now better for you, switch to the best gig economy jobs and get better with life.

The growing and some of the best gig economy jobs go beyond doing menial tasks, with it, there are some well-paying freelance opportunities you may not think there gig economy career. 

What is The Gig Economy Jobs All About?

Gig economy jobs are mostly part-time jobs with flexible hours that can earn you extra cash. It is the world of an independent contractor or freelancing instead of being part of the full-time staff for a company.  

Most gig economy jobs can be operated in any part of the world and gig economy workers do get their work on online platforms. Gig economy jobs pay may be lower compared to the full-time jobs at first like and it doesn’t come with retirement savings or health insurance like the full-time jobs if the worker doesn’t make a plan for it. 

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However, you can make quite a bit of money with gig jobs and eventually turn it into your full-time job in a freelance capacity, and work out your working time hours, likewise have more control over your location and determine how much you want to work. It puts you in control.

Access to the internet, computer, phone, and meet any requirements of the side jobs you want to do — then you can take part in these lucrative gig jobs, the good part Is that it can be done by anyone.

Here are some solid gig economy jobs you might want to consider that can help you earn money and maybe even become your primary source of income.

1. Graphic Design & Branding

Many may think this is a full-time job position in a company, of course, you are right but it is also a popular gig economy job, check many of the online marketplaces for gig economy jobs, this field is in high demand. 

If you have any skills and passion for creating logos, flyers, ads, etc. you can jump up and start making some good money from small businesses creating branding designs.

Reaching out to businesses could be possible when you sign-up for sites like 99Designs or CrowdSpring.

This side gig job helps you build up a portfolio in the graphic and branding sectors and you can quickly scale revenue.

2. Digital Marketing

 Digital marketers are greatly increasing in demand, small business and big organizations are scouring for digital marketing experts for their social media marketing, paid advertising (like Facebook and Instagram), email marketing, Search Engine Optimization, etc. 

Though most businesses will likely have some in-house marketers, not all companies can afford to have an in-house expert while some may need extra help and will be willing to outsource some of their work.

You can be their go-to help in the gig world, a site like Upwork can land you some of these jobs with the right years of experience and training you can be better at securing larger deals. 

3. Freelance Writing

You will be amazed at the numbers of publications out there looking to hire freelance writers, with awesomely rewarding pay after the completion of jobs. And aside from the publications, businesses do need good content writers too.

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You can launch your freelance writing jobs by writing for media companies and small businesses; you may be tasked with writing advertisements, billboards, website copy, or other forms of writing if you are good at your job, which means more money to you.

You can be anywhere in the world to write, it is among the most popular gig economy job you ever find on the internet.

4. Virtual Assistant 

Virtual assistant serves as a time-saver for many small businesses owners, they like to hiring one to handle many recurring and daily tasks like email, booking travel plans, scheduling social media, basic website management, scheduling meetings, data management, etc. 

This is a side gig job you can do with a very good internet connection from anywhere in the world, If you are really you can handle more than one client at a time.

Virtual assistants get paid per hours and they can make between $10.15 – $50 per hour, according to Payscale.

Sites like LinkedIn, Flexjobs, Upwork, and other online marketplaces are a good place to get this job. 

5. Driving for Uber or Lyft

Lyft or Uber driving is part of the gig economy jobs and you can drive for these companies at your flexible time.

 The above two mentioned are the most popular in the ride-sharing industry though there more options to explore if you don’t like to work with Uber or Lyft.

It looks like it has a downside and it is because your earnings strongly depend on your location, the hours and timing of your driving, your customer skills, are some of the things to consider before thinking of delving to make money with ride-sharing apps, if you think you are comfortable with it then there is money to be made.

6. Web developer/Coding

Coding is an art, not everyone likes to code, and people are constantly in need of these services, if you are good at exploring the programming languages, you can freelance this skill to make money.

The gig economy is surrounded by technology, which means without coders, it could have been difficult to have a gig economy job, and you can contribute your quota and make money by helping businesses and individuals.

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As a web developer or coder, your job will be to troubleshoot, help develop software programs, creating websites and mobile apps. You can learn to do all these from sites like Codecademy and many others by learning programming languages.

7. Ethical Hacking

Ethical hackers get paid to spot vulnerabilities in online systems before malicious hackers can take advantage.

This is a good gig economy job to do but often it requires many years of experience as it involves reviewing installation processes, bypassing firewalls, cracking encryptions, and exploiting web servers to gain access to sensitive information.

You are to obtain a degree to secure a good larger deal of this gig and platforms to find ethical hacker gig jobs are Upwork, and FlexJobs.

8. Cryptocurrency

The growing need for blockchain technology is increasing and Freelance developers that can build and automated payment tools using altcoins with those who understand how to integrate bitcoin payment technology into existing websites and apps are in great demand.

If you have these skills, Cryptocurrency is gig economy jobs that have different options for you to make money, if you are good at blockchain technology then the ability to develop an automated payment and also able to integrate payment solution will help you make money greatly as a gig economy worker.

You can find these gigs in a lot of listings for cryptocurrency developers, likewise FlexJobs and Upwork to the source.

9. Airbnb

What Airbnb does, is to allow you to rent space to guests; this made possible tourists who are visiting the area where you live.

The company matches you with potential renters while on visit and as the homeowners you can interview the renters, set rules for their stay, while the company provides insurance in case something goes wrong during their stay.

Any space can be rented out on Airbnb, and get pay while doing nothing, this is a gig economy that can make you consistent money at a regular interval. If you have an unused space in your home rent it out to make money with Airbnb.

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