Fast rising new Gospel Singer Ayodele speaks about himself, music, and marriage in 2020

Singer Ayodele speaks about himself

Gospel Singer Ayodele speaks about himself and marriage life, let get it started. My name is Abejirin Ayodele Isaac I am a na tive of Kogi state Kabba Bunu Local Government to be precise I got married in the year 2019 to Abejirin Opeyemi Abigail also we’ve got a son Abejirin Ayomikun Israel.

I studied Computer Science In the Federal College of Wildlife Management Niger state Year 2015.

I am from a monogamous family with 9 children I am number four also the first son, thank God I came out of that family.

Currently, I and my Family reside in Kwara state. God be my Buckler and Sustainer for my dreams to be fulfilled.

Ayodele said at a point he developed an interest in playing the piano then I went for it by getting the needed classes.

I left the piano training due to some challenges; when I met Christ my life begin to experience a change that can’t explain physically.

Along the line, I fell in love with the word of God I began to get deeper as I study the more, Christ gave me an insight of what I will become, and interpretation came through music.

I love music and I can’t trade it for anything so for every occurrence there is a song to write.

I was making plans to get the help needed from people who could help me achieve my music ambition, during this period I lost my music notebook and I have to start writing again.

Ayodele recounted how he jotted songs with the belief he is going to record them in the studio sooner or later, now God has done it.

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In 2011 April a new phase of my life unfolds where I need to choose between my God, my ministry, and the world, as time goes by I blend in, I allow the world to take me along I almost couldn’t catch up with ‘Him’ anymore Just that I was saved by his Grace.

In his word, he quoted a bible passage to back his saying, “for though the righteous fall seven times, they rise again, but the wicked stumble when calamity strikes” proverb 24:16.

Christ started his plan on how he will save me whereas I don’t even have the clue; I was clueless that he was there until I realized that he has started it since the day I was born.

In 2011 he started his first musical concert at the Ark of God bible ministry, the second concert at RCCG Victory Area, the third and the fourth took place in the same location.

In 2019 he hosted the fifth annual musical concerts and in the year 2020 December, precisely his first album got launched.

Gospel singer Ayodele speaks about himself and wife

I met my better half in a seminar I went for and that was in 2012,  I loved her at first but I couldn’t approach her due to the lustful thoughts in my heart, I have met so many ladies but immediately I saw her, I knew she is mine.

On that faithful day after I had given up on all ladies, our part crossed again we became friends of friend unknowingly to both of us we were planning the future unknowingly together without knowing.

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I knew she is my wife but I kept quiet, I didn’t tell her anything because am afraid it will hurt her or might not work out which is going to eventually breaks our friendship.

I can’t say this is how it happened, all that I saw was that we both get wedded, and ever since I have not regretted getting married to her. God has blessed us with a bouncing baby boy named Ayomikun and we are still counting.

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