16 Best Hobbies To Make Money For You

hobbies that can make money

Hobbies are just stuff we do to burn out energy, we can either do them for free or make money with it when something is part of you, doing becomes satisfactory, if you are not making money with your hobbies it is time to do so because, in this article, i will review 16 hobbies to make money for you.

Most time we think hobbies can not make us money but it is a good cash spinner for those who can crack the code.

Whoever knew hobby can be converted to cash, some dance, write and read for free because they enjoy what they are doing. Most times all these hobbies are provided for free but in this era, things have changed as some hobbies helped millions of people to live their dream life.

Your big hobby may be dancing,  painting, drawing or something else, you don’t need to offer them for free again, turn it into cash and earn six to seven-figure forever.

We have some talented individuals that have plenty of hobbies, the focus here is to make money with them. Hobbies that can make money are numerous and you need to know them, if you have any, activate it to your advantage.

Turning passion into money seems hard for those with the mindset is just a passion, who tell you can’t make money with it, i am telling you it Is possible to make money with your hobbies for life.

Some online gurus, course creators and influencers always paste the pictures of their success, make it feel like entrepreneurship is perfect without a downside, dont be fooled you have to pay some sacrifices to get the desired result, it is not all rosy at the beginning.

Most time your money may be out of what you have passion for, look for hobbies that can make money for You.

Read alongside as we pin down the list of about 16 hobbies that you can convert to cash.

This is the best way to start a side hustle that pays, you can monetize your hobbies anytime.

Hobbies To Make Money For You

 1. Writing

Writing is one of the things I hate to do in the past, but as time goes on I developed a writing culture because I need to, can’t do without it now, it has turned to what i do every day.

Writing is a major hobby for many, and it is something you can make money with.

know how to write in different creative ways to express your thoughts and it must be engaging to readers if you want to be successful at writing.

Writing can be monetized in different ways, it all depends on you.

One of the ways to make money with a writing hobby is through blogging.

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With blogging, you can make money with it ads.

the second way to write for money is to become a freelance writer for other blogs and online publications.

You can as well write and sell ebooks, write for magazines and copywrite for ads.

Making money with blogging is good but there are some tools you need to make your side hustle successful in blogging. 

Grammarly is good for proofreading, i use it a lot as it helps me check my content for English errors. This tool comes for free, you don’t need to pay before you can use it. And you can get Grammarly for free.

2. Reading

This is a hobby that people do for free either to learn or keep themselves entertained.

No more reading for free, as you can now get paid to read books. 

Some sites pay you for reading, your job is to review books, sites like Booklist Online and Online Book Club can let you make money reading books online.

Other ways to make money with reading is through Audiobook narration, Freelance reading manuscripts, publishing business, work as an online proofreader.

3. Social Media

Some set of individuals are social inclined, they love to be on Social media 24/7, which make it look like a hobby to make money from.

This industry is so lucrative for the smart ones that love to make money. 

You can start to manage social media account for others and get paid for it.

You can also become a social media brand ambassador and earn money through it.

The way to make money with social media is endless, you only need to unlock the potential it has to your advantage.

4. Pet Loving

Many will think this hobby can’t make any money for you, just give it a trial and you will see it works.

If you love pet monetizing it is the next big thing you need to work toward.

Rover can make you the money, you go to peoples house and watch over their pet for some minutes or hours.

You may see it has nonsense but many dog walkers and pet sitters are making a full-time income with their pet-loving hobby.

Other ways to make money with pets are Pet grooming, Pet photography Creating outfits for pets for money.

5. Running

Maybe you come from a Histon Bolt family, you love to run, why can’t you turn that hobby into something that makes money for you, if Histon as sat down at home without doing anything with his hobby, he won’t be known.

Many college students run for their schools and come back home with a trophy, they never knew the power they carried that can make them money.

You can start a fitness-related business and make good money from It.

Becoming a personal trainer will be good for you, selling physical fitness products (like workout equipment and muscle tape will make you money or better still you can start a fitness blog, vlog or podcast about running.

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6. Cleaning

I wonder why some people live to clean, I hate a dirty environment I love to clean too but some set of people find joy in doing cleaning at all times, if you are among those people you can make money from your hobby by looking for a cleaning jobs on-site like AppJobs, one best way to start your small scale cleaning business is through this platform.

7. Playing Video Games

If you enjoy playing a video game, you can make money with it, as for me I hate playing games, but some people have built a career around it.

Create a Livestream of your gameplaying on YouTube and monetize your channel with ads or sponsorships to make money. You can also make money playing games on your phone.

8. Coding

Coding is good for those who love writing programming code, I love technology, and writing code is what I loved to do, I was on the verge of getting professional with it but i couldn’t do much with it when i was in school, i had to let it go because of school.

Dont be like me, if you like to write code or you are willing, get on the journey. You can make a seven-figure with coding and it can be done as a part-time or full-time job.

Other ways to make money with a coding hobby is getting a job on major online platforms,  you can also firm your coding and offer it as a tutorial for others who may be willing to pay.

9. Cooking/ Baking

There is one thing I enjoyed doing as a hobby aside from writing it is cooking, I am not a Chef but if I have the chance to make your meal, you will find a way to get me some other time.

Another thing is that I am not making money with this hobby,  maybe later in the year, I may start making money with it.

If you enjoy cooking make extra money cooking in your free time will be good or you can start uploading your cooking sessions on YouTube together with the recipes to make money. 

Other ways to make money with a cooking hobby is through creating a food blog and selling recipes to food bloggers.

Baking is like cooking too, you can also make money with a baking hobby and the best ways to make some money baking are through creating of YouTube channel and a baking blog, Open your bakery.

10. Work With Kids

Some people find joy in working with kids, children are sometimes difficult to handle, If you find it easy to work with kids, you can become a teacher,  or counsellor from the comfort of your room and make money from what you love.

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Some sites pay you to teach online, some of the ones you can work with are VIPKID, Magic Ears and Education First.

11. Watching Movies

If you are among those who love watching movies, you can some extra cash from doing so.

Swagbucks allow you to make some money while watching movie previews, and celebrity videos.

Another way to make money is to start a podcast, Youtube channel or blog that discuss movies.

12. Filming

One of the fun hobbies that people do is filming, doing this will turn your passion into cash if you ready to make money with it.

Becoming a professional filmmaker can generate massive wealth with time.

Some experts started like a joke and before you know it they have scaled up to make money off their passion.

To make some money filming you can start a YouTube channel or create an online course on filming techniques you can also Film a documentary to make money.

13. Speaking

I hate public speaker, but I do it when I have no choice, it comes easy for some people but for me it is a no.

People are making a living from speaking at events and conferences, I need to work on myself here, dont be like me, engage in public speaking if you like It, to drive in some money.

Some other ways to make money with a speaking hobby is through a podcast, creating online courses about public speaking or becoming a professor and give lectures to others.

14. Decorating

If you are a design person, you have an eye for beautiful houses and events, you can start a decorating business.

Some ways to make money with a decorating hobby is to become an interior designer, give tutorials on certain decorating looks on YouTube or start a blog about decorating.

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15. Sports

There is money in sports, not everyone loves sports but we have huge sports fan around the world, most people do it for fun alone.

There is money to be made for those who want to turn their sports passion into cash. 

Some ways to make money with a sports hobby is through creating a sports commentary podcast, Create a YouTube channel about sports, or through sports commentary.

16. Comedy

You want to hold the mic, putting a smile on peoples faces doing comedy will be a perfect fit for you.

Here are the ways to make money with comedy, host your skits on Youtube, do it through a podcast, start a comedy blog, become a freelance joke writer, write funny ebooks to sell, go for stand up comedy shows.

Other numerous hobbies that can make money for you are within you, check yourself and you will discover what you can turn into money.

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