How To Budget For A Wedding And 3 Things To Consider When Planning


Wedding day is a big day that requires proper planning, from the dress to the cake and also to the venue, wedding demand you should be up to the task before diving into it, knowing how to budget for a wedding in Nigeria will do a lot of magic for you.

Having a glamorous and impressive wedding will not be achievable without planning, if it is not checked it can stretch your purse than ever planned. 

The beautiful moment that comes with seeing a newly married couple in their dresses and gracing the venue for the wedding can sometimes make you speechless and wonder how to have such an awesome event too either sooner or later but don’t get It twisted the couple you saw as done more on budgeting their than you could ever think when you want to do a wedding don’t forget to plan.

An American wedding publisher The Knot stated in one of their publication that average couples spent an average of $19,000 on their wedding ceremony and reception last year, added that the coronavirus pandemic brought a drop to it, which on a normal regular basis it is always around $28,000 without the honeymoon.

This could be hefty on some people to spend this money on the wedding and while it is nothing to some individual.

Average Nigerian normally have a budget of about N10, 00000 for a single wedding while some are looking to get just N200, 000 and their wedding is done.

Having every aspect of the wedding done on a budget is what matters to have a glamorous event, doing your wedding average isn’t the rule, the game is to have ways to save money on your wedding and still have a fabulous celebration.

You need to have an idea of what you can afford and don’t go beyond your plan, that is why you need to set a budget for the big day.

How To Budget For A Wedding And 3 Things You Need To Consider


When planning for the big day, there are vital questions future spouse need to answer to get a clearer picture of how their wedding is going to look like, this serves as fundamental for the big day event and here are the three questions that must be answered before the wedding.

  • How do you want your wedding to look like?
  • How long do you plan to wait to get married?
  • How do you want to finance your wedding?

What the wedding is going to look like?

Your wedding shouldn’t look like a piece of shit, you have to factor in all things that matters, having a successful wedding isn’t based on cost alone, there is a lot of decision making that goes in. 

You want to have a wedding to remember even after decades, sit down with your fiancé and plan what matters most.

What are your top priorities for the wedding you need to decide with your future spouse as the wedding is not for anyone but you guys?

Ask each other, which church you want to have your wedding ceremony, are they going to be a live band, or do you just care to do a traditional wedding or court wedding, it vital to serving foods that reflect the culture?

When you know how these, it is going to help you create a budget that fits your need, it is better than following a template of what the typical couple spends and spend more than your budget.

When to do a wedding?

It is always good for the wedding to come few months after the period you got your “yes” and “I do” you must have a date for the wedding as this will help you greatly on knowing you any time you have to look for more money for the wedding if you are not having enough on the ground.

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One of the best ways to do it is to look for the best time when things are radically cheap, cost of a wedding is always higher during the wedding session because of the high demand for products and services.

Figure out the best time for the wedding, doing your wedding during the Wedding season may result in higher costs but may come cheaper off the season months.

It is better to stay away from planning a wedding close to holidays when venues may be reserved and caterers may be busy. 

A wedding on New Year’s Eve or Valentine’s Day may seem fun or romantic.

Who is paying for the wedding?

Without the money wedding is not achievable, before you go far or even before you start planning for your wedding, it is important to figure out how you want to finance your wedding.

It is going to be you and your future spouse, of course, you are going to be a financier but parents, friends or other close relatives may want to help you to cover some of the wedding costs, but don’t just assume or expect they will. 

It is better to know where finances are going to be coming from during the planning stage of your wedding and know that those who promised are ready to cover up some bills for you.

Some of your friends or family may decide to cover for your wedding gown, foods or the reception, make sure you understand when to get all the needed financial help so that it can meet your expectations and plan.

Friends and family can only help you with few things that cant sponsor all the event for you after determining what they will cover for you, meet the other financial aspect of yourself and with your fiancé, look at your existing savings and know much you want to pull out to get your wedding done without touching vital emergency funds.

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Cut spending on your budget to accommodate your wedding budget and look for ways to make extra cash to boost your saving for the wedding, have separate savings towards your wedding plan.

Put everything together and know how much you have for the wedding plus all family and friend contributions, if it meets your target then you are going to have your wedding but if your savings fall short of what you are to spend, your wedding still don’t need to be on hold, you have two choices to make:

  1. Plan a less expensive wedding.
  2. Push back the wedding dates to allow more time to save up.

Formulating a Budget for Your wedding 

wedding planning

After you must make all the big and important decisions about things you want, it is time to make a move and know how you’ll afford the wedding on a budget.

it’s time to lay down your budget for your wedding, You can do this in a spreadsheet or through an online wedding budget planner app.

Things to budget on to reduce Wedding Costs

  • Invitations
  • Wedding 
  • Dress
  • Hairstylist
  • Makeup artist
  • Photographer 
  • Videographer
  • Transportation
  • Reception venue
  • Catering
  • Rehearsal Dinner
  • Wedding cake
  • Reception band
  • Reception DJ
  • Wedding favours
  • Ceremony site
  • Officiant
  • Wedding dres’s accessories
  • Groom’s attire and accessories
  • Bride’s and groom’s wedding bands

We have just shown you how you can have your wedding in Nigeria on a budget, don’t borrow money for your wedding because it becomes a problem to pay back after the wedding, don’t forget you still have a life to live with your spouse after the big day.

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