5 Best Tips On How To Buy A House Without Physical Seeing: A Guide To Virtual property Buying

How to buy a house without seeing it physically

We are in the era of technology and with technology anything is achievable. The buying process of a house has changed drastically, with the use of the internet it is possible to own a house, know How to buy a house without seeing it physically is important and you can get some guide to help you here.

We know that before you can buy a house, you need to go for inspection, look at the property both ins and out if you like it or not before paying the property owner of the developer

The process of buying a house in the physical world has not been altered but technology is modifying how we shop for properties

With the help of the Internet, it is possible to search for a property, see the selling price and get all the necessary information about the house before thinking of visiting the site if you are scared to make a payment without seeing the property.

Whether you’re thinking of buying a house in your own country or across the border, sometimes you are in a situation where you have to buy a home without sighting it.

Buying a home without viewing in-person is uncommon but technology is making it possible, the percentage of people who are homeowners today bought their home unseen.

A survey conducted in 2017 revealed that Millennial homebuyers were the most likely to put in an offer without ever stepping foot in the home, meaning people are bidding for a property without unseen these days, and the numbers keep increasing day by day.

How to buy a house without seeing it physically

shopping for a house on the internet is now possible if you’re willing to do the homework, you are on your way to buy a home sight unseen successful and safe, without much talk let dive into what you have to keep in mind and check out when buying a home over the Internet.

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When dealing online you have to be smart enough to make a good deal, especially when making payment for something you have not seen, be smart about everything.

The 5 tips to buying a virtual home successful you need to know

  1. Know what you want to buy

Before buying a home, you must know what you want, the ideal home you wish to buy is in you, you are the one that will be living in the house that is why making the right choice matters a lot.

Shopping for a home virtually doesn’t mean you should go for a house you don’t like.

You need to be more clear about what you are looking for as a homebuyer, the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, windows size, the open space, the concept floor plan. 

You will also need to determine how close you want the basic amenities.

When shopping online for a home, you need to know what you want, it is very important.

2. Go On A Video Tour

It is better and recommendable to get someone to do a video tour of the property and the environment for you and that you know what you are buying if it is what you want and to be sure if the property is existing.

Don’t fool yourself when you buy a home online, ask for a video tour that will help a lot.

You can hire trusted personnel to go with for the video tour if you don’t have confidence in the company sales representative.

Video tours are crucial to your home buying process when you buy unseen property, you need full detailed video walkthroughs to get a much more intimate peek at what you’re buying.

Get to study the layout of the home, the measurements of the rooms during the virtual tour, walk through all the rooms and the compound.

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The sales representative for the company can also be asked to set up a virtual viewing so he or she can video chat with you from the home via Google Duo, Zoom, or other video chat services, ao you can look, point out details, or ask questions. 

You can also ask the sales representative for a thorough walk through the home, recording a video for you to look at again. ask for photos, the blueprints and the materials used.

3. Get to know your Neighborhoods

If you are living close to the city you want to buy your home from or far away, you need to know your neighbourhoods before buying the property, because you are buying an unseen home, you need to get familiar with the environment, asking people who are in the hood if the structure is existing. you are moving to completely unfamiliar territory.

The best way to get your neighbours is to use Google Maps and Google Streetview.

You can get a lot of information about a particular location using these two resources, you can count on these to get acquainted with the neighbourhood before buying. 

These tools also help you know how close your potential home to the grocery stores, restaurants, green spaces, and community centres, and how close it is to your workplace, your kids’ school, gas stations, the highway, and other crucial important day-to-day life.

Do your research on the location crime rates, public school rankings and development planning approval process and other important factors to know what you’re getting into.

4. Do Your Due Diligence

When you are buying a home unseen, you need to do your homework before making any down payment. Even those who buy physically do thorough due diligence work before buying, same thing applies to you when buying over the internet.

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How can this be done, you are to involve some set of professionals from different fields, such as accountant, site inspectors, attorneys and brokers.

This is going to cost you some money but it is better to do it so that your home buying transaction will be successful.

The due diligence period normally takes two weeks or up to a month.

 5. Do a remote Closing for the home

Remote closing is that process when you have to make payment and sign all the contracts and agreements electronically, closing of your home can be done electronically.

Just like the way we do closing physical where we sign all documents for a property and make a payment, you are doing the same thing via your email, and transfer the home funds to the owner.

Physical signatures documents may be required to complete the home buying process and that can be easily done via FedEx.

Now you have purchased a home successfully online you can now get yourself ready for a day to move into the property.

Going to the unseen house for the first time may be doubting there is a natural feeling that comes to mind, a feeling telling you if the property is existing but relax, your home is waiting for you, don’t be scared.

One of the reasons why you did video tours during the buying process, is to be sure if what you are paying for is existing.

Also, it ensures you don’t walk into someone else’s property since you have seen all the images.

Once you have found it, Move furniture into your new home and put everything together, you’ll see your home looking elegant for you.

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