How To Check BVN: 3 Proven Methods To Use

How to check bvn

If anyone needs an operational banking account in Nigeria, it is necessary to have a bank verification number (BVN) to stay afloat, you won’t want to be left out in the financial world, get your BVN if you stay in Nigeria, you will need it every time, let us show you how to check BVN with ease and what the BVN is all about.

Bank verification can be done through accredited financial institutions, like the bank, without delaying If you have gotten to age bracket, you are eligible, in this article, we are focusing on how to check your bvn number with ease.

If you have your bvn number you will know that catching up with the trend in the fintech services will be so easy as most of these companies/platforms will need it before you can do anything on their platforms, let say you need a personal loan, the lender would like to know if you have a big number or maybe you want to get registered on major online banks, it will be demanded,  if you don’t have, there will be few to no benefits with these platforms from your inability to supply the Bank verification Number.

If you stay in Nigeria, get your bvn number as your account with the bank may be suspended if you don’t have these digits, now that you know you need it, let assume you have gotten it.

Many times, we have things that occupy our mind, we easily forget many things, instead of storing many of our important details we leave them hanging and if start running around to obtain the information.

Don’t get worried; we have you covered how you can retrieve your bvn when you have forgotten the one given from the bank.

What is Bank Verification Number?

Bank Verification Number is a personal security number implemented by the Central Bank of Nigeria to curb and reduce illegal banking transactions.

This digital number track all bank activities of bank account owners, due to the high demand for greater security on access to sensitive or personal information in the banking system, this was introduced to help bank users. 

The bank verification number gives all bank customers an identity to know each user and is linked to other services in the financial sector at the point of banking operations.

Once you enroll for your bvn, don’t share with anyone to avoid being scammed by people.

The 3 Easiest ways to check to Bank Verification Number (BVN) 

There are three different ways to obtain your BVN easily 

  • Visit the banking hall to request your BVN again.
  • Check with your registered bank mobile number
  • Check through with computer, tablet, or smartphone using the internet.

1. Visit the bank.

When you enroll in the bank verification number, you will be provided with 11 – digits codes, upon successful registration, this is expected to be kept safe and remain private to you, and if by mistake you misplaced it or you could not have found it again, just walk down to any bank and request for your bvn.

The bank will supply you with the digital code, again and again, you can go there as many times you want but don’t you think that is a little bit stressful, that led us to the second option,

2. Use a registered phone number.

During the account opening process, the bank must have asked you for your mobile number, this number will be linked with your bank account and it enable you to enjoy some benefits that come with banking with your phone number.

If you have a phone number linked with your bank, it can be used to check your bin number.

How to use the phone number to check?

Every service provider can provide you with your bvn, this is because there is an agreement between the banks and the network providers through the federal government, to enable anyone to check their bvn with their phone number.

For every network provider, there is a code assigned to checking bank verification numbers, here we are going to show you how you can check with all networks and their unique checking codes.

How to check bvn on mtn, Airtel, Glo, and Etisalat

If you want to check your bvn on mtn, here is the simple step to go, Grab your phone, dial this shortcode *565*0# on your phone, this is a unique code that can be used across all network providers.

Note that you will be charged N 20 to access or check your Bank Verification Number.

You need to know that the number used for your bvn registration linked with your bank will be used to retrieve your BVN on phone.

If you dial the code, immediately you will be provided with your bvn displaced on your phone, write down the digits and keep it save for next use, alternatively, you can send a message on your phone using this 565, for example,  text to the code and wait for the 11- digits. 

3. Check through the internet

Maybe you are not with the sim card used for the enrolment, you can check your BVN online through the NIBBSS portal. 

The easiest way to use this method is, Log to NIBSS BVN Online Portal, put in the requested information, enters your password, and click on Login.

You can validate your BVN on their dedicated portal by navigating to NIBSS BVN Online Portal.

If you don’t want to go through the NIBSS BVN if you have your bank mobile app, login into the portal and check for your bvn on the bank platform, this method required you to connect to the internet and it is one of the modern ways to have your bvn checked.

Any of the listed methods can be used to check your bvn in Nigeria, there is no other easy way than these, once you have it always keep it in a safe place as it is your identity, you are not obliged to give it out to anyone, except when you need it to authorize a transaction or for financial services that will benefits you. 

You may not need the help of anyone who may spy on your digital and take it behind you to carry out scamming activities, if you use any of the given methods above, you can check your bvn without a third party.

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