How To Get NIN Number Fast: 4 Best Approach That Works

How to get nin number

A national identification number was created to give each Nigerian people an identity, know how to get NIN numbers when needed without going through a whole lot of stress can at a point in time.

Different measures have been put in place by the Nigerian government to ensure every Nigerian has this NIN number and turnover from the citizenry has been amazing.

Many who has enrolled in the scheme, looking to get their NIN number can get it with ease when needed, in this article we are going to explain four ways to use to retrieve your nin number.

How to enroll for NIN number

The first enrollment is called the pre-enrolment, this can be done online by yourself.

Visit the NIMC website, go to the pre-enroll page and fill in your data, all information entered into the system must be accurate.

Upon successful registration and after visiting the NIMC office for the completion of registration.

You will be assigned an individual NIN number which eventually, the assignor will later get a plastic card.

How to get NIN Number 

If you have forgotten your NIN number, it can be retrieved, never lose all the hope to no options, here are the four ways to have it back.

1. Visit NIMC Office

Maybe any of the NIMC offices are closest to you, walk straight in and request your NIN number.

You may not like to use the money for the checking, the easiest way and cost-free to have your forgotten NIN number back is by visiting any of the NIMC offices nearest to you.

2. Check your card

If you have been given the NIN slip or permanent plastic identity card, you can simply have a check.

Your NIN number is on the card, this should be the first method to look at because you are expected to go along with it anywhere.

You may find going to the NIMC office too stressful or a miss to incur an additional cost, if you have your NIN slip or plastic card, check the card you don’t necessarily need to go to the NIMC office to retrieve your forgotten NIN number.

3. Use The NIN Mobile App

The NIMC Mobile app was created to have a digital experience, you can do so much on the app even without your physical card.

Upon successful previous login, you can view your NIN number on the app, this is another simplest method to have your forgotten NIN number back.

Use the Internet on your phone to connect with the app, if you have not actively previously login to the app, you can’t have access to retrieve your NIN number with the NIMC mobile app.

4. Check through USSD Code

You can get your NIN number through a USSD code, specially created for this purpose. Dial *346# from the phone number used during the registration or through other numbers associated phone number.

This service is not free, unlike the other previously mentioned methods that are completely free, you will be charged to have your NIN number.

Once you dialed the code on your phone, the NIN number only will be displayed on the screen of your mobile phone.

You can write donor have a screenshot to keep a copy, the USSD code works with all the major networks in Nigeria like MTN, Glo, Airtel, and Etisalat.

The USSD code method is the popular way Nigerians check their NIN number when even it is needed, you can explore other reliable methods that are completely free to no cost.

All are meant to make you have access to your NIN number anytime you need it, enjoy the best experience with your identity card.

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