How To Make A Business Website By Your Self Myths Explained


You are wondering why we writing on how to make a business website on this site, yes we know you need as the world is now a glob place where everyone is expected to have one.

What is a website?

Every one of us, a second home is the internet, I know you have visited a website today but have you ever stop to ask what is a website and does it work. 

Don’t worry we are here to answer the question and many more so that you can understand everything about a website.

I will make sure I put everything in a simple term so that you don’t get bored and I will try not to make it longer for you so that you can understand every bit of this training.

We know that is what you are much interested in,

Before we delve into the technological terms

We are sorry to say this, it is just for a better illustration, you are just like a website,  humans have eyes, legs, ears, and arms before you can function as a human all these components has to work together, the same thing applies to the website, it own component are text, images, videos, and button, all these make it a website.

I hope it is straightforward enough; the irony of it is that humans and websites are governed by a code.

The Human code is our DNA while website code is the HTML (Which is the Hypertext Markup Language; it is the only language understood by web browsers.

From today you should always think of a website like humans that has different components before it can function.

What you see on a website is as a result of information coded in HTML, these HTML files are then uploaded to a web server so that anyone like you and I with connected computer and also with the help of web browser on our connected device can access the information store on the HTML files by converting it into a readable format on our web browser.

We have different languages that go into website designing, which I may not explain here, I will only list them out because you may not necessarily need them since we are not going to be writing programming codes.

  1. HTML -: Hypertext Markup Language 
  2. CSS -: For adding colors 
  3. JAVASCRIPT -: Additional functions 
  4. PHP

If you know all these languages you can code any website of your choice.

In a very simple term, let define a website as a collection of HTML documents comprised of text, video and images that can be accessed with a single URL on the web with a client such as a browser.

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Having to do with coding is much work and it is not everyone that really what to learn how to code before they can create a website, this is where content management systems (CMS) comes in. With CMS you don’t need to know anything about coding to create a website or make any changes to a website.

Do you know why?

CMS is prepackaged software; everything you need to design a functioning website is already included on the platforms. It is a WYSIWYG system editor (which stands for what you see is what you get. This makes it possible for anyone, who is not versed in coding to make a website without much hassle.

With a content management system (CMS), you can design any website of your choice and WordPress is a good example of (CMS) that you can use to create your professional website in minutes, we have others but WordPress is the most popular, powering about 59% of the world websites.

This brings us to types of website you can create with WordPress

  1.  Business website
  2. Ecommerce website
  3. Non-profit websites
  4. Educational websites
  5. Portal websites
  6. Business directory websites
  7. Search Engines 
  8. Crowdfunding websites 
  9. Portfolio websites/ CV websites
  10. Social media website
  11. Blogs

Here is an overview from start to finish of all the steps you need to take to have your WordPress website created, I will walk you through it all in this training.

I am taking you into the real deal; don’t expect you are can create a professional WordPress website for free. the platform charge you for nothing but you have to arrange a fee for your website domain name and hosting, this makes the process of creating your professional website a lot easier. 

Though it is possible to create a free website on WordPress I don’t recommend that.

I know many of you won’t like to get a domain and hosting now because you are just learning how you can create a website.

It is necessary to do so, if you want to create your professional website, you need to purchase a domain name and that brings us to what domain name is all about.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is your website’s address on the internet; it is known as a URL, this address is what people typed into a web browser to find you on the web, for example,

Why is it important to have a domain name, to get more understanding, let quickly sight a real-world example, to start any physical business, we need a name, after thinking about the name to use and you got it right, there is a need to register that same with the cooperate affair commission (CAC), to make your business legal and more professional. these same processes apply to the digital world before you can have any professional website you need a domain name ( the name you have brainstormed upon) that will now be registered with any domain name registrars of your choice ( they are the online CAC we have).

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That is not all, let say you are done with the purchase of the domain name, your newly registered domain name needs a house, that is what we refer to as hosting in the online world, this is where your domain name rest.

Let go back to our illustration, you have registered your physical business with the CAC right; you need a space, a place to be called an office, this same thing applied online.

The online hosting I am talking about is your office that stores all your data; you now see how important it is to have a domain name and hosting before you can design any professional looking website. Now that know about domain name and hosting.

What next?

This is where the work of a web designer comes in and that is why you are here to learn about web design so that you can do the design by yourself, you can design a professional website of your own if you take a little time to get this knowledge without needing help from any web designer.

Let quickly move down into our illustration again, do you know after having your physical office, you can’t just let it look shabby, you need to make it attractive to customers, this is where you call your local painters, furniture and other personnel to arrange your office and make it look more professional. 

In the online world, the painters and the furniture are the web designers, they work to make your website look great and user friendly, they pool every resource together to get you any kind of website you want.

Their charges may be high but you are paying for the knowledge you don’t have.

How to Make a Business For Your Enterprise

How can you have your website created in minutes? Here are the steps involved.

Step: 1 Setup

We have talked much about domain and hosting earlier, it is the first step in creating a professional website, which means you have to purchase a domain name and a hosting account, after that you need to decide which CMS platforms you want, I strongly recommend WordPress, and for the domain name and hosting, if you want a place to get it for cheap just call my attention back to this, I will help you on that.

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Step: 2 Install WordPress 

Your hosting account dashboard has a lot of features that come with, and different section with numerous icons that may need when creating your website, you will need about 95% of the icons so don’t ignore them.

To install WordPress, go to your hosting dashboard, scroll tooth to the site section and click on the WordPress icon to install, you will be asked some basics information, make sure you are fulfilling inthe the correct data, you may need them later.

Once your installation is successful, you will be provided with a login URL for your WordPress website, proceed to your WordPress login page with the link given and enter the username and password given to you to gain access into your WordPress dashboard.

Step: 3 Select a theme 

The visual appearance of your website can only be controlled by a WordPress theme, you have an option to choose a free theme or purchase a premium template.

WordPress will give you a basic theme by default and with this if you check your website which under development you will hate the appearance of your website because it is not going to be appealing to the eye.

To add a new theme of your choice goes to Appearance, lots of free themes are available on the platform to use but you can opt-in for the paid one if you don’t like the free templates.

Once you install your preferred theme, you can now start customizing it right from your WordPress dashboard. 

Most times, all these free themes are not always good for what you need them for, I will advise you to go with the Astra theme, with this, in less than 5 minutes you can have your professional website of any kind created and fully functioning. This is what I recommend with the Elementor website builder.

All you need to do is to customize it to your need, no website type is impossible with Astra and Elementor.

Step: 5 Customizing and tweaking your website.

Once you have your theme installed or Astra theme, it is time to start tweaking your newly installed theme to meet your website need, if you are using Astra and Elementor you only need to make a few customizations to have your full professional website.

You need to make your website static on WordPress, the static pages stand for the homepage and blog posts.

Step: 5 Install plugins for your website

There is no way to have a fully functioning and completed professional WordPress website without installing WordPress plugins either paid or free, you will need plugins.

NOTE: WordPress plugins allow you to add more features to your WordPress site.

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