How To Make A YouTube Intro Animation Video And Best 3 Tools That Can Be Used

How To Make A YouTube Intro Animation Video

YouTube has been around for years, thanks to the power of the YouTube platform, billions of people use the site to learn new stuff and get entertained daily.

The Google-owned video sharing platform allows sharing, like, commenting and watching video content over the internet possible, videos can be saved or download for later viewing and enjoy at the best time.

What is YouTube

YouTube is a free video-sharing platform for every Individual, sharing and watching video content online is made easy which means video creators can create and upload videos freely on the site and any person like you and I can come to the platform to watch those videos freely without paying a dime.

Back in the days when YouTube was created in 2005, it has no much to offer; but now it is one of the most popular sites in the world, with billions of monthly visitors coming to watch videos on the platform.

Before any video can be shared on the platform, it has to be original content that has not been uploaded in the past. 

Why People Love YouTube Content

YouTube is big and popular because it is easy to find any type of video content on the platform, it doesn’t have a limit to what you can watch expect adult content, and it gives digital video creators the ability to upload countless videos on the site without paying a dime, rather they make money from the website. 

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There is always new video content to watch every time on YouTube, you’ll find amazing and creative videos made by video creators.

YouTube has a series of different video formats and content video types. The development of animated video content has been the trend of the latter-day.

What is YouTube Intro Animation?

YouTube intro animation is a set of images used to create an illusion of movement before the commencement of the full video content,  in recent times, the demand for animated intro video content has increased greatly as it sees upright trends. Many people go to watch a video with animation these days because it attracts them to watch the other part of the video.


Digital creators are taking the advantage of the power of video animation to help people engage more with their content than ever before which gives their work more visibility and credibility. 

Why Do You Need a YouTube Intro Animation Video?

YouTube intro animation has become a necessary tool that helps capture the attention of viewers, it gives a better chance to watch all the full video content of a brand and stick around for more.

People will most likely leave you if you fail, no matter how great your video content may look like, they will never return to you, even if they get notifications often, they may still neglect your content and that comes hurting, with all the hard work putting to create your YouTube content when people are not interested in becomes worrisome. 

YouTube intro animation come to deliver you from the mess, with the Youtube animated video people tend to stay clue want to see what the video is all about and that drive in more views for the YouTube video content creation which help improve the brand.

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YouTube intro animation video is eye-catching and it can easily lure people to watch what you have in the other part of the video, if you’re not using YouTube intro animation in your videos you are missing out, to scale up your YouTube video marketing strategy you need to incorporate into animated videos.

Benefits of YouTube Intro Animation

  • It adds credibility to your brand image.
  • It Increases brand awareness and recognition.
  • It makes branded videos content long-lasting and recommendable.
  • It makes brand video marketing strategies to be more effective.
  • It gives more details about brand offerings.

How to Make a YouTube Intro Animation Video


Creating a YouTube intro animation video content is good and necessary these days because it helps brand awareness and also builds more viewership.

Making a Youtube intro animation video can be done personally or you can hire a professional to help you with the job.

If you want to be creating your own Youtube intro animation video in-house, you need to learn the basics and be good at it, the stress becomes less if you are outsourcing it.

The only two ways to create an animated intro video for Youtube is to do it yourself or hire experts to do it.

Hiring professionals can cost you extra, having and knowing the prevent tools for the job will help you save more cash. It all depends on what you feel will fit your brand need, that is what you should go for.

When creating your YouTube intro animation video there are things that important which is going to have a great impact on your brand that you must do every time.

  1. Always display your brand logo and colour scheme in the intro animated videos.
  2. Make use of music, sound effects, or narration when creating a YouTube intro animated video, it becomes better and effective when you add audio to Visuals, don’t neglect it.
  3. Let the intro animation video go in line with the voice of your brand. let the intro video plays at the beginning of the YouTube video, or after the teaser/recap of what people will learn.
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Best Tools to Use for Your YouTube Intro Animation Video

No matter the zeal you may have for creating YouTube intro animation videos, you need tools that will set you up for success and in this article we have some tools for you that can help you achieve your aim quick.

  1. Flixpress

Flixpress is among one the simplest software for creating a YouTube intro animation video, it gives a quick and easy way to customize your intro without wasting much time. The primary purpose of the maker is to give you something that helps you feature your brand logo on the created animated intro.

It is an easy tool to use if you’re looking for a clean and simple intro HD videos quality but it doesn’t come free.

2. Renderforest

Renderforest has over 5 million videos created and still counting, this has made them be the most popular Intro Makers, and it has the port to add animation to your intro.

3. Introbrand

Introbrand is design-focused and specialized in logo animations and video intros for video marketing, the brand has over 70 exclusive templates made by professional motion designers and their template library keeps growing.

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