How To Make Money Online As a Nigerian: 7 Legal Ways Young People Are Cashing Out

How To Make Money Online As a Nigerian

The full-time income young Nigerians make are becoming in-enough to foot their bills, while some are looking forward to making more money, some don’t even have any source of income, when you know how to make money online as Nigerian it will place you on the right track to financial independence.

To solve this problem many young Nigerians are looking for the best way they can use to create wealth for themselves.

Thanks to technology, getting side hustle has now become the new trend to earn more cash and build wealth among the young folks.

If you are young and able in Nigeria, don’t wait for any manner to fall from the sky, walk your way to the moon and plug out the money just as other young smart people are doing.

Nigerians are using the digital space to improve their finances.

Nigerians are not the only ones cashing out big in the digital space, there are much proofs of successful entrepreneurs who are making seven figures every month exist on the internet, don’t think money on the web is a scam, it is real.

Wait a bit, have you heard of Fiverr, this is one of the ways people even Nigerians are making money on the web, this marketplace is real and it can give you seven figures if you know your way around it. 

This is just proof that people are making money on the internet, gone at the days when the only way to money is to work 9-5 every day for a month before you can make a Penny, it is no more the trend of the latter days, as you can be at anywhere and get the job done within hours with better pay.

Take, for instance, I am sitting on the couch writing this article, with a mindset of generating a passive income with it, which is certain, in less yours, I am done with this write-up and my passive incoming will keep coming in for year’s as long this post remain on the internet.

Never take me too seriously, I shouldn’t be painting you with blogging, that is not the one way to make money on the web.  

How To Make Money Online As a Nigerian : The Way To Follow

1. Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency, it is not paper cash you can touch, many young people are investing in crypto to make money.

Some of the best coins that are popularly traded among young folks are Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, etc.

Cryptocurrency is a big business, don’t ever think it is a mere joking business, if you must invest in this, do your research.

If you want to be safe at this, buy coins when the price is low and sell them off when it is high.

The price goes up and comes down, you may lose or profit in crypto trading but if you know your way, you will keep willing instead of losing money.

This remain of the best way young people are making money, the juice part is that when you see them, you will never know if they have a paying job or how they are making money, if stay with making the money with them, you may be missing out the money in cryptocurrency.

2. Forex

Forex pay but I have my falls, If you can’t trade the financial market yourself, don’t give out money for people to trade for you.

It is very complex, indeed as complex as it is, young folks are making money off the market.

To be successful at this, you need to look for a strategy that will work for you and once you have it, stick to it. Sites like OctaFX, 7bforex, Hotforex, and many other popular platforms are good places to profit from the forex market.

This is the second way the young people are making their money and if they are seen outside, you will think they are into illegal activity. Don’t get it twisted they are making legal money.

3. Content creation

The need for content creators keeps rising every day, and young people have seen the potential it has to build wealth. 

We now have many young folks creating content for a living, from blogging, Youtube content, social media, email content.

With consistent creation and posting, they get enough audience to attract and advertisers are trucking deal with them.

While some work on their own, many are seen working for organizations and individuals, if you want to make the money as a content creator you can become a blogger and earn full-time money, to start blogging you need to have domain and hosting, you can get this done with Namecheap.

If you despise writing, you can go for a video content creation site like Youtube will help you host your video content for free, you can make money with it along the line.

Udemy can help you sell your video contention if you don’t like to let it go for free on Youtube. 

You can work with companies and individuals and start making money as content creators, there are many organizations out there looking for content creators.

If you don’t like to create content for your Self, you can also sign up on Fiverr to offer your content creation skill to a potential audience and start earning every week.

Many young dudes are making decent figures dress from content creation.

4. Photography or videography

The demand for photographers and videographers is increasing every day, do you why? Many people are perking up to look next to their favorite celebrities.

Since this is the rave of the moment, the young have caught up with the trend and turn it to earn extra cash earning bulk.

You can become a photographer or videographer and earn money online or offline, site like Shutterstock allows people to sell their creative photography work.

If you like taking pictures, you can sell and earn huge money with the photography and videography business.

5. Social Media trading

Check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp status, young people are selling on those platforms like water, from products to different services.

In this model age, social media marketing can’t be neglected, young people are using this to put money into their pockets.

You can sell anything on social media platforms and make money just like others who are already doing it.

You will notice if you check your social networks people buy and sell everything buyable and sellable, ranging from clothes, wrist watches, bags, wigs, car hire services, logistics, technology services, and real estate investment, etc.

Take anything you are selling to social media platforms, buyers are waiting for you if you are willing to sell.

6. E-commerce 

The love of shopping online increases day after day, people now prefer to shop online over the traditional model.

This keeps room for the young smart entrepreneurs to have their own e-commerce business, and they are catching up with the trend, we now have many online storefronts selling products from different niches and they’re making money.

If you like to join in making the money site like woo-commerce can get you started as you can create your online store within 5 minutes and start selling to your niche audience.

One interesting thing that I like about e-commerce is that you can make it a global brand or localize it, it all depends on you.

If you are looking to make money like the other young people out there looking for money from e-commerce, you can start today.

I will suggest you start with dropshipping as you will not be holding any inventory with this e-commerce model.

7. Art and graphic design

Many had gotten out salary jobs because of money they are getting from Art and graphic design job, some do it full time while others do it on the side.

The young people are making money in these niches and you can get to make money like them.

You can sign up to Upwork or Fiverr to get your jobs every day social media platforms are also good places to get jobs.

Bottom line

Creating wealth in this model age is becoming easier with the Internet, you can make money every day on the web.

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