7 best tips on how to prepare for a virtual interview in Nigeria

How to prepare for a virtual interview in Nigeria

Technological innovations are replacing almost everything, adapting to the changing trends matters nowadays, same things apply to how to get a job, everyone now needs to how to prepare for a virtual interview.

The numbers of people that go for a face to face interview are declining gradually all over the world.

The use of video conferencing software saves time and is more efficient these model days.

Recruiters are wiggling to the virtual interview mode as it can help them reach to get their prospective candidates hired.

The COVID-19 has led to the increase of virtual interviews, where there is a need to fill a space and traditional interviews can not be conducted, the virtual interview becomes a necessity.

The trend is getting known in Nigeria and most applicants may find it more difficult to cope with it than usual.

The virtual process streamlines all other processes, and it helps applicants take out stress plus save money.

Tips on how to prepare for a virtual interview in Nigeria

There is a need to master the virtual interview and prepare for it to get the job.

What is a Virtual Interview?

A virtual interview is an online meeting that comes between the employer and applicant, it is usually video-based. 

This allows discussion between the two parties to take place remotely instead of face to face meeting using video-based software.

The hiring manager connects with job applicants using video software.

Tools required for this kind of meeting are a computer with a built-in video camera or good smartphone, and microphone, plus an internet connection.

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Most video interviews normally have the same technique of face to face interview but there are some things you must take a proper check on as you read our 8 tips on how to prepare for a virtual interview right in Nigeria.

1. Get your devices ready

The ability to make your technology work for you depends on you, it is good to test your technology because your technical skills matter, hiring managers love to see a candidate who is sound technically.

Stay out of a technical issue that will hindrance your virtual interview by testing your equipment before the call. 

Make sure the sound is working fine, check your webcam and most importantly get a secure internet connection.

2. Use your real name

We all use different names and email addresses on social networks, it is good to keep your identity professional to impress the hiring managers.

Use your real identity and make it simple, you can use your usernames simply your first, middle, and last name altogether.

3. Dress like a professional 

When going for a traditional interview, you can’t go there shabby dressed. The same thing applies to the virtual interview, don’t think because you are in your house, facing the camera you can dress anyhow.

Dress like you are going for an in-person interview. Wear good apparel, and put on everything needed to make you look professional.

Don’t overdo your accessories, you only need to focus on the interview.

4. Check your background 

Background matters a lot, you can determine your virtual interview colour to merge with your wear look.

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Have a clean environment, this tells much to your hiring manager, how detail-oriented and organized you are as an employee.

Consider your lighting, sit at the centre of the camera. Focus on the interview alone, don’t get distracted.

5. Get Rid of Distractions

During your Virtual interview, you must switch off all gadgets that are not needed to avoid distractions, make sure nobody works in anyhow.

Silence your cell phone, turn off the TV and avoid any sound that may come through when the interview is ongoing.

6. Practice Answers to Common Interview Questions

Knowing the exact things, the hiring manager will ask may be difficult but get yourself prepared for the basic interview questions.

Practice many times at home, to be at the best fit if getting the job.

7. Do Follow Up

The video interview is second to the in-person interview, follow up your interview by appreciating the hiring manager, you can do this after 24hours of the meeting.

Reach the person that interviewed you through email, this is a way to show them you value the time he or she spent with you and it reminds them.

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