How To Promote Affiliate Links On Blogs To Make Money

skills to promote affiliate products

Affiliate marketing has been around for ages and it will continue until the kingdom come, inasmuch products and services will keep existing then affiliate marketing will never stop, and it is good to place for bloggers to make money, know how to promote affiliate links on your blog is a thing to master for better monetization.

Many as made millions and they are still making it while some don’t like the idea of making money through affiliate.

Most bloggers who are successful, making 7 figures monthly are pro affiliate marketers, they recommend products and services on their blogs through links and banner to generate huge income.

To make money with affiliate come easy when you have much website traffic every month and it worth trying as the money will keep increasing as you scale up your blogging business.

Don’t be like me, it takes me a long time before I could realize the earning potential in affiliate marketing, it Is not that I don’t believe it works but here in Nigeria many bloggers focused solemnly on earning with Google Adsense. 

How to start affiliate marketing on your blog

Dont wait until Adsense fail you, every blog niches have an affiliate program which means every blogger can make money with affiliate marketing, to succeed you need to choose products that are Inline or related to your niche, create awareness for the products, and you receive a commission when somebody buys a product using your affiliate link.

Affiliate marketing is an additional way to make more money with your blog, it can be your main source of generating revenue or used as a supplement to boost up your blog revenue, the amazing thing is that it can be your only source for monetizing your blog and be cool with it.

It is not magical, this is what you need to do to earn with affiliate marketing, join different affiliate programs or networks that merge with your audience, write a post to promote the affiliate links and paste those links in your article. Another method you can use is to display affiliate banners on your blog, you earn automatically once someone buys through your links.

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*Note:  it is always better to recommend something you have used or you are familiar with, this is to sustain the trust your readers have in your brand. 

There are several media to promote affiliate products some promotional networks such as social media marketing and email marketing are a good place to look out for, it becomes better when done through your blog as a blogger and also leverages on other networks, in this article I will be sharing tips that you can use on your blog to promote an affiliate link.

How To Promote Affiliate Links On Your Blog

  1. Writing a review post works
  2. Do direct blog post promotion
  3. Use coupon codes 
  4. Use featured post for more revenue 
  5. Using banners on the sidebar helps

5 skills to promote affiliate products and make money

1. Write a review post:

Reviews work better with affiliate marketing, these days people love to get a review of thing before they buy, if you can write a compiling review post about a product on your blog, then it gives details to your readers about the product and makes you money.

With a review article, you are guiding your blog readers about a product you thought is going to help them and showing them why they need to opt-in for the product.

There are few key important things you need to consider anytime you are writing a review post for your affiliate product.

Your reviews should be honest, don’t just write because of the money you want to make, the review must be helpful and dont just focus on the good side of the product alone, talk about the downsides. 

When writing your review post, it should contain all useful information about the product you are recommending and remember to always add product images, it helps.

Write in your tone, what people are looking for is a personal recommendation from you.

Star ratings would be an advantage when used as it helps to get a higher CTR for your review and always recommend a product that you are more likely to use yourself.

2. Blog post promotion method:

Using affiliate links in your blog post is a good technique to promote affiliate products on your blog, when you have affiliate links inside your blog posts and then promote those posts, they are chances that people are going to buy through your link if the post is targeted towards something they are looking to buy.

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Writing your post with buying intent keywords will give you a head-up on the search when buyers types in the keywords.

Using the right keyword will increase your sales once your blog post key into what the searcher intends to buy. 

For Examples, 

Best place to shop for [product name] (online)

Best [product name] in the (current year).

[Product name] coupon code

[Product name] discount

Buy [Product name] online etc. Are good to work with when promoting affiliate products.

You can write some of your headlines with the buyer intent keyword by letting them reflect in your post headlines 

Since i write about personal finance here let use a blog post title for an affiliate post with a product buying keyword in our post headline, let say we want to promote hotel bookings, we can say;

How to save money on local hotel bookings in Nigeria?. And this brbbrings how-to articles;

How-to articles go well with promoting affiliate products and links since people love to start with a question.

Here are a few examples of how-to articles related to our blog niche for better understanding:

How to save money on web hosting with Bluehost.

How to start real estate investing online with apps etc.

Writing such tutorials are good for you, your readers and can also improve your search engine ranking, as such articles perform better on search engines.

3. Use featured post:

Having an article as a featured post means it has a lot of value, you can let your review or coupon code posts stay on your homepage for more visibility.

Since your goal is to get views on these posts because your money hides in the viewer’s actions, consider placing some on your affiliate products blog posts in the featured post section.

Some theme has featured post area and if you are not using any of these themes, you can still make it possible, WordPress has this feature, you can stick to any blog post on your blog’s homepage easily.

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You can try this and make a few of your articles pillar posts, this can increase your reader base and also increase your affiliate earnings

4. Use coupon codes:

It sounds not encouraging right but believes me, everyone likes to save some cent on purchases and one of the major reason why this blog is In existence is to show you how to save money.

Coupon help people save money when buying a product and it is always the biggest marketing encouragement to use as an affiliate marketer.

Share with your reader’s products with coupon and receive a good commission for the sale as coupon normally place a great buying intention on your readers.

Your goal is to make money, not just to share coupons on your blog,  work with coupon products that have an affiliate program, and make a commission.

The best way to write coupon codes affiliate blog post is to have killer headlines about the products you are promoting on your blog.

You can write an article on coupon products for a particular month, for example, you can write on best restaurants with Coupon Codes for April 2021).

5. Use banners on the sidebar:

I love banner advertisement because of the visuals it has but it works great when you have gained enough organic traffic to your blog.

Many affiliate marketers love to use banners because of their conversion.

However many affiliate marketers make mistakes by placing too many banners on the sidebar of pirate blogs this turns readers off most times, as it confuses them. 

The best way to avoid this problem, donton’ter to place similar products banner ads on your blog sidebar, when you have multiple similar banner ads products, you are confusing your readers in making the right decision to buy.

You can use a WordPress plugin that can help you show ads based on category,

Keynote here:  it is better to stick to banners ads on your blog sidebar for more conversation.

Always link directly to the ads website instead of your post, dont make the same mistakes as some affiliate marketer. 

Let me know if you have other skills to promote affiliate products and make money on our blog that can help.

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