How to Protect Public Lands in 5 Way


It is a dream of everyone to own a land one day, some would rather want to invest their hard-earned money into something else because they do not want to get scammed, knowing how to protect public lands is crucial.

We have seen a lot of cases, where land purchased is been collected or allocated to someone else that is why people are getting scared to buy land that they are not ready to develop.

A lot of issues do arise when it comes to land matter in Nigeria, and it sometimes hard to solve, to avoid all problems proper procedure has to be followed before and after acquiring a land.

Buying a land become cheap as you can rarely get it anywhere within States, protecting it becomes a problem as you can get dupe either at the point of purchase or later. So what can you do to stay out of land trouble are just simple steps, though it may cost you time and resources in the long run it pays.

To create wealth in real estate world buying land is vital and to Protect the land is essential which is very easy when you know the right thing to do and once you can follow all the stated steps here, you can leave land as long as you want without developing it.

How to Protect public Lands in 5 steps to protect land

Let’s get it started, it is very important to ask questions, this will help you stay away from trouble in the future, according to lawpadi, it is important to immediately protect a property after buying.

1. Ask Questions

Ask questions from professionals about the land, they give the best advice on land acquisition. Try to know those who stay around the property for immediate information about any activities, get useful information from them.

2. Land Document/ Surveying

The land document is necessary, from land receipt to stamp duty and others, do not joke with it, though it will cost you some money it makes you claim the ownership of the land. Obtain more than just land receipt, it can save you much when trouble arises, gets a current stamp duty and survey document from the government.

The perimeter survey is usually done by the surveyor, getting one would do a lot of benefits in protecting you and, it serves as evidence. Get a blue copy.

3. Have an Architecture Design

Well, since you are not ready to develop the land, this step may not be necessary but town planning officer will need it for approval, even if it is just ordinary fencing permit you want to acquire, architectural drawing is needed, once you have it town planning officer can use it to process your land approval.

5. Town planners are important

Visiting a town planning office is like going to a doctor when you are sick when it comes to land matters, town planners are the solution to our problems, they get us approval and resolve every petition on property.

People hardly go to town planning office for approval and they pay dearly for this as they fail to realize how town planning approval can safe them from future trouble.

If you must better protect your land in Nigeria, you need a town planning approval, don’t joke it, once you have it your land is protected.

4. Involve a Legal practitioner

Allow the court to document your land with them, lot of people don’t know this, registering your with a court safe you from losing the land to someone else. It backed up the planning approval you have received, though the town planning permit is enough but is better to have everything in place.

We have given you the needed steps to follow, do not neglect any to perfectly protect your land in Nigeria, if there is an aspect you think we have not to cover, pen down your opinion in our comment section but these are the most important steps you must follow.

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