How to save money on a wedding in Nigeria – Our best 3 tips for you

How to save money on a wedding in Nigeria

Doing a wedding comes with beautiful moments, at one point in our lives, the time will come when one will want to tie the knot, there money to spend fashioned in and thinking of how to survive after the wedding keeps on coming, dont get stressed the more we have some tips for you on how to save money on a wedding with the love of your life.

The money spent on a wedding can not be retrieved once used. It is gone forever, people will come to rejoice with you but do you realise they only came to eat up what you have for the wedding and leave.

No amount of money spent on a wedding that is enough but there are ways you can save money on a wedding.

Nobody should even tell you to save money on a wedding before you do so, do you know because after the wedding you are left alone with all your responsibilities.

Those who came to ear with you are not coming to help you when you can’t feed yourself or pay some bills.

Family and some real quality friends will stick with you but they can’t be there forever. They Are to meet your needs for a short period.

The reason why you should be wise when planning for a wedding is to make sure your finances keep flowing as it ought to be even after the wedding.

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The economy is not friendly. You should plan your spending on how much everything which wedding is not excluded.

How to save money on a wedding in Nigeria

We have come up with three different things you should check when planning for a wedding as this will help you save money and our wedding will be debt-free.

  • Do away with hall renting
  • Combined introduction with engagement
  • There should be a budget for the wedding from the onset
  1. Do a check to know you want to rent a hall for the wedding

Renting a hall in Nigeria for a wedding attracts a significant amount of money when it is not properly checked, it takes much money and leaves you with little or no money in your pocket.

it is better not to rent any hall, make use of free spaces around you only need the service of an event planner to make it unique.

Some of the places you can get for free or pay a little amount to substitute hall renting as school playing ground and church free spaces.

Renting a hall for your wedding will make you spend more but if your budget for the wedding can accommodate it don’t hesitate to go for it but remember your finances after the wedding matters.

  1. Merge introduction with the engagement

In Nigeria wedding introduction and engagement are done differently, making the process to incur more funds, these two can be merged into one, there is a huge chance of saving a lot of money when done the same day.

In a real sense, an introduction is just an event between the two couple’s families, but things have changed, people are used to celebrating it as big as the actual wedding.

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Engagement is the real deal of the wedding but the western culture fashioned in the church and court part of the wedding, these two events can be merged into one to save money.

  1. Make a budget for the wedding

Wedding entails effective planning, this planning comes with money and there must be proper layout plans on what to spend money on during the wedding.

Having a budget for a wedding right from the onset will make you debt-free after the wedding and you are going to have cash at hand to use after the wedding.

This is a crucial thing to do as if you fail at it, you may pay for it in the hardest way to avoid that, is to have a proper wedding budget before the wedding, this will help you save money.


Here are the three things we thought it is necessary to check before going out for a wedding, if you have any suggestions to make it better, drop a comment down below, we are striving to make sure readers can cut down cost on almost everything.

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