How To Sell A House Fast: 5 Ways To Do The Magic

Sell a house in Nigeria

Selling your home might look like the dumbest idea but you likely want to do that maybe because you want to start a new adventure, sell a house could be the only way to what you want. Your move can make you or drain you. Learn how to sell a house fast here and avoid errors.

if you don’t want to be at the edge of regret on the decision you made you need to know if indeed you want to let go of your home. 

One of the things that make selling a house a big deal is probably things you have done in the house, like the beautiful memories you have created around the house and a lot more before you consider your house for sale, Check your self if selling is the right thing for you and your family, and learn how to sell a house most smartly.

In this article, you will learn how to sell your house quickly and make the most money from selling.

How to Sell a House Fast


I will show you here how you can sell a house in the right way with these seven steps!

  • Use a good real estate agent
  •  Give it a price tag 
  • Set a timeline for your home
  • Make it super clean
  • List your home
  • Negotiate the contract and the close deal

1. Employ a good real estate agent

They are countless numbers of real estate agents out there, the major reason why you don’t just need an agent; you need good real estate that can help you fast track your house selling deal and make a good bargain for you.

 You need to find an agent who will serve you based on what you want and sell your house fast as he/she can, don’t just give a random agent, stick with a vetted professional with experience in the field and who can help you make a great house selling deal.

2. Give it a price tag

House you want to sell needs a price, I know you want to sell for a profit but remember this, people are only interested in paying for the worth of your home, don’t overpriced and don’t let it go below the value.

A good real estate agent can help you determine the value of your home by running a comparative market analysis (CMA). 

With the report, your agent can predict what buyers will be willing to pay for your home as this report compares your home to other homes close to you and are comparable in size, with similar features, are currently on the market, or just got sold off in recent months.

3. Set a timeline for your home

Decide on how long you want your house to be on sale, how many weeks; months you want before the listing began. You need a walking plan to get everything in place 

Take time to find a professional real estate agent who has a proven record and the confidence to do your work by interviewing.

Work with the selected agent to set priorities so you can focus on finishing one task at a time by outline a plan.

Let your agent knows about things you want to go away within the house and don’t forget to pack it out before the buyers take over.

Get a home inspector that can help you identified issues in the house early and feed you on the cost of repairs, tackle repairs before the due date.

Things to do before the Listing

Set the stage: Let potential buyers see your house as their home by creating an inviting space.

Do a deep cleaning: Make sure the house looks new to buyers, scrub every surface until it glows. 

Apply finishing touches: Apply painting and make your home look perfect to attract buyers, let your photographer capture your house in the best possible condition.

4. List your home and show it to buyers

Your real estate agent will get your house n front of prospective buyers and there will be showing time. You can strike a better deal to get a notification from the agent anytime there is a showing, especially when you still live in the house, this will help you quickly tidy up and make everything within the house ready for a showing.

Let every potential buyer look around; don’t miss an opportunity to get your home seen so that you can start getting offers. 

5. Negotiate the contract and close the deal

Once you start getting offers, it is time to negotiating; this takes place between you (the seller) and the buyer run through all offers and close a deal with the one that meets your price need.

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