5 Best Easy Ways To Turn Dollar To Naira With Side Gigs

Dollar to Naira

Turning dollar to naira is every Nigerian dream, you know what the currency is saying to naira, N 400 is just $1, you can earn foreign currency just like any other smart individuals who have taken the bull by the horn and earn dollars with side gigs.

There are a lot of side gigs you can do in Nigeria here that can bring you a dollar, that makes you smile to the bank and live a good life with your loved ones.

All that we are talking about in this article deals with legal ways to cash out in dollar, not the other way around.

If the economy goes worst than this, if you earn in dollars, you will always find money, no matter what.

This article is going to show various side gigs that can make you a dollar and you can convert it to local currency.

5 Best side gigs to turn dollar to naira 

The list of side gigs that you can do from Nigeria to earn in dollars are inexhaustible, the best 5 for you to make a dollar to naira in the fastest ways are here, you can enjoy your money as it is landing.

1. Transcriber

Transcription job is a side hustle that can be done from Nigeria to earn dollars; it involves listening to audio recordings and converting them by typing them into a written format.

The pay for this side gig is per hour of audio transcribed into written reports; with this, you earn a set of the dollar amount in no time.

If you want higher pay, go for medical and legal transcription jobs, it pays than the other general transcription tasks. 

To do this job, you don’t need certification and you are not going to be placed on any typing speed for the job.

To improve yourself on the job, you can do some online typing test; it may give you a better chance of landing transcribing job. 

The amount to earn in dollar ranges from $15 per hour according to PayScale

Sites that can help you with your transcribing gig from Nigeria are Scribie, TranscribeMe

2. Writer

Writers are bloggers, writers are authors, this is a skill that can help you earn in the dollar, successful blogger Linda Ikeji is a blog based in Nigeria that earns in the dollar, we have other successful authors who sell their books on sites like to earn in dollars from Nigeria.

What are you waiting for, if you like writing, it can bring you the money that will make you quit your 5 to 9 daily full-time job?

Many writers are making dollars in Nigeria, some writers who are doing extremely well in personal finance, real estate, or technology niches and they are making a solid income from their craft.

Book writing and blogging isn’t the only option for writers; you can work with large companies with big marketing budgets as a freelance writer and get paid for your job.

Most jobs you’ll find with companies will pay you on a per-word basis, and there is no limit to the amount you can charge for your writing job off-course there is a template for writer charges you can work with that to know how you will be charging your clients.

writers charge up to $0.50 per word for 1,200 words. That’s $600 for a single article. Here are some more of the highest-paying freelance writing niches.


Topics in need in the finance writing niche include

  • Personal finance   
  • Financial stocks
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Budgeting/frugality
  • Accounting

You can write on any of these topics that are highly in demand in the finance niche.

There is a high demand for Cryptocurrency, the topics you can write on this niche are

  • Blockchain
  • Cryptopreneurs
  • Crypto credit
  • Bitcoin mining

Travel is another hot topic that is in high demand, topics to write about are

  • Travel deals
  • Travel Lifestyle
  • Hotels reviews
  • Restaurant reviews 
  • Travel guides  

Other niches are in high demand in the writing space, some of which include, digital marketing, education, alternative health, Ghostwriting,

Food and wine email writing, entertainment, sports beauty and fashion. Etc.

3. Turn Web Developer

The high demand in the technology space, as spark up the global trend of companies looking for web developers, you can work as a freelance developer or get direct employment from businesses.

Web development is one of those gigs that can make you dollars right from Nigeria when you work directly with foreign countries that need you.

As a developer, you will need to know a variety of programming languages to design and build software products.

The good part is that you specialize in one area; you either become a front-end developer or act as a back-end developer.

Several basics of programming languages can be learned by taking online classes and you can start bidding for projects on freelance sites like Upwork and Fiverr without the need for physical classes.

4. Become a copywriter

A copywriter is an individual who is paid to write a copy, the copies are words that are designed to trigger people toward taking action. 

Copywriter job is all about doing marketing for businesses, organizations, brands and many others who are willing to make sure prospective or existing customers take action.

Copywriting can take a wide variety of forms

  • Websites
  • Advertising
  • Emails
  • Blog posts
  • Landing pages
  • Brochures
  • Video scripts
  • Headlines
  • Products descriptions
  • Lead magnets white papers. Etc.

Do you know why you are a copywriter, you are there to help businesses drive action to their landing pages and the action must be achieved through your copies.

We have 3 types of copywriting jobs you can delve into anyone you like or merge everything.

 The three main ways to go are:

  1. Become a freelance copywriter    
  2. work as a staff copywriter at an agency 
  3. Work as an in house copywriter for a marketing team 

A freelance copywriter can earn $100k+ per day, agency copywriters get an average of $47k and in the house make an average of $48K, you can work directly with companies abroad and earn Dollars for Naira

5. Graphic designer

Graphic design can help you earn a dollar, this is a multi-faceted gig you can do and earn big.

 The skills and experience you have will set you up for better earnings as you can turn to be freelance graphic designers that specialize in illustrator, website design, brand expert, or selling social media templates to international companies and individuals.

The secret to being successful as a freelance graphic designer is to learn the basics, and that can be gotten from platforms like CreativeLive 

Though it may take some time before you master the craft, keep practising until you become a master in the craft and start earning your dollar money.

You can start charging for your services at the basics levels, you don’t have to wait to reach mastery level before you charge.

Start with small gigs on freelance sites and get paid after the work completion and keep improving along the line for better high pay gigs.

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