16 Top Rated In Demand Jobs In Nigeria 

In Demand Jobs In Nigeria 

Gone at the days when passion drive choosing a career or profession, of-course we are not saying you should engage in something you don’t have passion for, all we say here is, your passion should make you money, if it is not money then what else. You can see some In demand jobs In Nigeria 

In this digital modern age, most of the known professions are not more sellable, let say, they are outdated, not completely out of the market, but it may become challenging to strive.

If you are looking to catch up with the trend, without staying out so late know what you want to get trained on as a career so that you will not be dumb folded looking for a space that doesn’t exist.

We are going to walk you through the most in-demand jobs in Nigeria right here, this is going to help you stay ahead and be at the front edge of doing well in the field.

What you do often, you will alter find interest in it even when you hate it so much at the beginning when you get a job you get a life, the number of job opportunities in Nigeria does not entertain everyone’s passion.

Any of these are sellable in-demand jobs that can be picked and get trained then stay increasing your income without waiting much time waiting for the job manner to fall.

Learn about the top in demand jobs in Nigeria.

1. Digital Marketing 

Job seekers, we never doubt this, nowadays almost all businesses are looking for a digital marketer to help drive sales and increase the company`s revenue.

Digital marketers are well paid, you can earn up to 300,000 Naira per month being a digital marketer for the brand.

Digital marketing simply means, selling your products or services using the internet, in digital marketing, there are different categories – like affiliate marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, email marketing.

You can be an expert in any of these or gather all the skills to earn bigger, most digital marketers know all these skills You can learn this skill in less than 2 months, if you don’t know anything about it and start to make money.

One thing I like about digital marketing is that you can either work full time or become a digital marketing freelance, no one you do that will not give you result.

2. Data Analysis 

I know you must have heard about this, maybe Yes or No, this is a job that pays well, this professional is becoming popular in a country like Nigeria, it is almost needed in every industry. 

A data scientist, who conducts an analysis, will need to examine and make changes to various data that can help any companies make a better decision.

Without hiding the fact from you, this is one of the highest-paying jobs in the country right now; you should not be paid anything less than N 350,000 per month 

3. Financial Accounting

Financial accounting is one that well-paying job and most sought after career in Nigeria, the rise in fintech and financial services sprouts the increase in this career.

The public and private sectors are looking to get you if you are an expert in this field. You will need an outstanding knowledge of accounting principles, strong analytical skills.

4. Software development

Being a software engineer may give you the life you desire, this job pays well and it is in demand, if you have the skill, you will make so much money.

You can work independently or work for a company; The average paycheck for a software developer is not less than N 300,000.

5. Banking 

The banking is ever ready to absorb those who are interested in this career, thing you may never get to the banking sector if you don’t have the necessary skillset.

6. Lecturing 

Lecturing is one of them among the best paying professions in Nigeria, if you work on a part-time basis, this means you will have the chance to work in two to three colleges and sum up the all salaries to making it a worthy career.

Lecturer’s income is now becoming bigger because of the rise in e-learning platforms. If you like to lecture you can consider this career path and make between N200, 000 to N 400,000 monthly

7. Business Manager 

 Business Manager is well paid, the average salary for a Business Manager is between N 200,000 and N 700,000 monthly if you like to supervise company’s operation and the overall activities you can consider to become business managers of a company. It is one of the in-demand positions in Nigeria

7. Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum engineering remains one of the highest-paid jobs and in-demand of all time in Nigeria. 

As a petroleum engineer, you will be responsible for developing, researching, and deploying methods of extracting petroleum. The average monthly pay is up to The N 2,000,000.

9. Medicine/Healthcare

The medical field cannot go into extension, there will always be a need for medical doctors in the country. 

This remain of one best high in-demand jobs and well- paid job in Nigeria, though the pay may not up to other developed countries pay they still get paid higher than most other careers in the country.

 Medical doctors specialize in medicine and an entry-level medical doctor earns up to N 171,000 monthly.

Aside from being a general medical doctor, we have surgeons; they are trained to perform surgeries. The average salary of surgeons in Nigeria ranges from ₦200,000 – ₦600,000 monthly, they are also in demand.

10. Aeronautical engineering

The demand for Aeronautical Engineers is growing because of the expansion of the aviation industry. 

This profession comes with high risks; they get paid high salaries because of the many risks that are in this field.

11. Pharmaceutical Jobs

The pharmacist makes money, you will never know, they earn between  N 150,000 – N 700,000 monthly.

If you are looking at this career, go for it, you have decided to make a wise career path because jobs are available for you and you can get a job, you can have your pharmacy.

12. Law/Legal Jobs

Legal professions are among the best careers in Nigeria. They get paid with high amount every month. Jobs available for them at the federal and state level, they can also form a private organization of their own.

There are numerous opportunities in this sector as they can function in a court of law, for a corporation, as a Public Servant, Solicitor, or Public Prosecutor. 

13. Project Management

Project managers are also in high demand, they work in almost all industries like oil and gas, manufacturing telecommunications, and banking sectors.

The professional project managers’ pay is outstanding, this is a good career path you can consider.

14. Human Resource Jobs

Being a human resource manager may not earn you much money especially at the entry-level as your payment may be less than N100,000  but this is a career worth considering as there is a high demand for it.

As you growing and gather more experience your monthly paycheck get increasing.

The job of a human resource includes recruiting, training, managing employee compensation, and other tasks for an organization.

15. Communications 

Communications jobs pay well and as a Communications Officer, you are in charge of the organization’s communication activities, like developing communication plans, producing material, briefing suppliers, and coordinating events. 

As a commutations officers, you are to expect a monthly payment of about N

1,000,000 to N 2,000,000, this is one of the high-demand careers to consider.

16. Health, Safety, and Environment 

Health, Safety, and Environment area are among the high in-demand jobs in Nigeria by organizations, and on average you should expect a monthly pay not less than N75, 000 at entry-level as an officer and N 300,000 at the senior level.

If you want to be part of an organization’s safety and productivity member, consider a career as an HSE officer.

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