9 Best Investment Opportunities In Nigeria That Will Help You Get High Returns

Investment Opportunities in Nigeria

Investing has been the thing of the latter-day, everyone is looking to invest and gain more money to build wealth since keeping money in the bank has been known by many people to be profit to the banks and a waste of earnings to the money owner, it is there necessary to look at investment opportunities in Nigeria to invest money.

Investing funds may look too scary to many who fail to learn the process; losing money will keep them away from taking a step that could change their finances, only the bold type will not have a hedge in the game.

Instead of getting scared of losing your hard-earned money, try to learn everything you need to know about investing and start adding more to the money you have.

In this article, we are going to explain different investment opportunities in Nigeria, to make better use of money, investing can take you to financial freedom.

With a variety of investment opportunities in Nigeria, you are not limited to making more money and keep on growing money.  

9 best Investment Opportunities in Nigeria

When you think there are no investments opportunities in Nigeria that simply means you are missing out. There are many and here are the best of the ones you can look start with and be good at it.

1. Cryptocurrency Investments 

Cryptocurrency is one of the best investment opportunities in Nigeria right now, if you like to try coin investment, you start buying cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Cardano, Ethereum, and others.

With Cryptocurrency you can build wealth in a very short time if done right. In Nigeria the biggest and the most popular traded coin is Bitcoin, you can start with Bitcoin.

If you know how to invest in the cryptocurrency market then you should consider investing in it and if you don’t know try to learn from those who are experts in the field.

Cryptocurrency is one of the best investment opportunities in Nigeria and the trade is not growing rapidly among the citizen.

Many platforms make it easy for you to invest in cryptocurrency, sites like and you can start a localized cryptocurrency trading platform if you have a big capital to invest in cryptocurrency.

2. Real Estate Investments

A rapidly growing industry in Nigeria right now is the real estate market, many people have started realizing that the industry can help them create wealth.

Real Estate investors know that investing in the sector drives money and it is not reliable as other forms of investments.

Real estate investing is one of the best investment opportunities in Nigeria to grow wealth. They are a lot of opportunities in the real estate sector; if you want to give it try to get knowledge.

You can be a successful real estate investor, when you learn the in and out of the real estate investment, if you want to consider investing in real estate, read our article for real estate for beginners.

You can also invest with real estate investment platform, they do all the work you just expect your monthly or annual returns on your investment, sites like 

3. Bank Investments

Bank investments; give users the ability to make money from their savings and investments presented by the bank.

If you are the two pe who hates hate taking a risk with their money then the bank investments will be right for you because you will certainly have your capital.

The annual interest may not be attractive enough but still worth trying for individuals who hate taking higher risks. The following banks will give you higher interest rates on your investment.

Fixed deposit is one of the best ways to grow your money with the bank, and it is considered to be one of the bank investments too, if you have a large sum of money you may not need for a very long period, you can fix it with a bank and make big profits.

As long as the money stays fixed, your money will keep increasing in the figure.

4. Agriculture Investments

Agriculture Investments are booming in Nigeria, thanks to technology which has opened up more agric apps to Nigerian citizens, anyone can invest in the agriculture sector of the Nigerian economy and expect monthly or annual returns without doing any work.

There are numerous agricultural apps in Nigeria that you can invest your money with and see higher returns.

If you like to invest in this one of the golden investment opportunities in Nigeria, don’t wait longer, sites likes can get you started, this is one of the best ways to keep growing your money.

5. Oil and Gas Investments

We can’t talk about investment opportunities in Nigeria without the Oil and Gas sector, do you know why because Nigeria’s economy relies on this more than other sectors.

You can invest in this sector and your investment will certainly grow and turns bigger over a little period.

 Let us quickly show you areas you can key into as an investor in the oil and gas sector

Well Services

Exploration and Exploitation

Products Marketing


Petroleum transportation

Construction and Installation

Refining and many more.

If you have the capital it required, it is one of the biggest investment opportunities in Nigeria.

6. Mining investments

 The mining industry may not be at its full potential because the government is not giving it more attention, if you an investor that loves this sector, there is money for you to be made.

The Nigerian government is willing to cooperate with any investor who has an interest in the sector, if you have the capital to start, it is guaranteed that you can build wealth in the Nigerian mining industry.

Some of the resources include:





Iron metal





7. FGN Savings Bond investments

Do you have some money, you want to buy from the federal government of Nigeria, it might be a little sum but it can be used by the Nigerian government.

If you lend your money to the Nigerian government, you are putting it into an FGN savings bond, you will be paid interest upon maturity.

This is a very safe investment you can try with the federal government, your money is secured and you are certainly going to get your returns.

You can start investing as low as N5,000 to N50,000,000 for a period of two to twenty years. The interest you earn on each investment depends on the terms.

8. Stocks investments

Stocks investment is among the best investment opportunities out there in Nigeria, if you buy a share in the part of the company listed in the exchange market. You are participating in the stock market.

This investment is very risky, but it can also be very lucrative, if you are want to start investing in the stock market, get the knowledge don’t just invest your money, sites like will get you started in the stock market and get you trained on how to be successful with stock investment.

You can grow money with stock investment if you know how to. 

9. Transportation and logistics investments

Transportation and logistic investments are very big investment opportunities in Nigeria, big cities in Nigeria are increasing in population daily, this prone a big challenge to this city’s transportation system. 

This makes the transportation and logistics investments to be more lucrative, if you have money, you can invest in this sector.   

There is a lot of money to be made with these investment opportunities.

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