6 Best Investments That Guarantee Monthly Returns In Nigeria

investments that guarantee monthly returns

Making residual income requires putting in some work to make the extra cash but sometimes all that we need to do is to put our money on an errand, in Nigeria investments that guarantee monthly returns that you can invest your money on are numerous than ever.

Nothing gives joy than to see an investment growing and with the hope to get some extra cash at the end of the month or year, that why you need investments that guarantee monthly returns.

The yearly investment often looks too long in the eyes of many, especially in Nigeria, people are looking for ways to invest and get a monthly return on investment.

The deal is that Nigerians are not just searching for an investment that has a monthly return but ones with good percentage for example 20% or 30% in returns every month.

Who will not want to invest in a business that promises to give you some decent percentage every month, you either leave such investment for long term or you take the monthly returns that come with it at any given time while leaving the capital to be growing.

Peoples money has now started working for them than before if you want to join the league we have some tips and investment opportunities for you.

investments that guarantee monthly returns in Nigeria

We have research for the best top five investments that can give you monthly returns without waiting for a year, and the leading investments we have found for you are discussed below.


The holy grail of the moment is here, right now everyone who hears about cryptocurrency wants to invest in the market. The rise of Bitcoins and other coins has turned a lot of people to a millionaire, this digital asset can give a monthly return on investment, no doubt you are going to be making a profit as long the market is favourable expect to keep ion doubling your initial capital.


Forex trading is risky, don’t invest all your money into it, but if you are an expert in the field then you should be able to manage the risk that comes with it, the Forex market is one of the best you can try out for high monthly returns, you can partner with some experts that will trade with your money, all you have to do is to allow your money to work for you while you enjoy the monthly returns.

Mutual Funds

Have you ever try to invest in stock or other financial markets, if you have not, try mutual funds, they are some of it that give you a monthly return though most usually pay quarterly, if you try to invest with Stanbic IBTC you can get monthly returns and also a chance to rollover your money.

Real estate

Rental properties are the way to make monthly returns on investment in real estate, the risk of this investment is minimal and it can make you a recurring non-stop money if done right, you can invest in this business with friends as it always requires huge cash to start but your monthly return is a guarantee.

Food Business

No human being can survive for long without eating, food business can never go out fashion, investing in a food business will give you more interest. The month returns in this business depend on the kind of the ventures you are into within the field but are rest assured that this business guarantee to make a monthly return for you.

Uber business

Transport business is huge in Nigeria, everyone is a commuter in one way or the other, we all have to board a taxi and send some packages around even when we have our cars. The leading company in the Nigeria space is Uber and the only way to make a monthly return with this company is to invest by buying a car, either one or more then give it to them and at the end of every month, you will have some money rolling in.

These are top 6 investments that guarantee monthly returns, they are more of it but you can’t go wrong with these six recommended

Note: be very careful when investing your money in Forex, we are not saying you can’t trade Forex but it is full of risk if you are not familiar with the market very well don’t try it.

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