5 Best Items To Recycle For Money Right Now

Items To Recycle For Money

Looking for items to recycle for money, you have them around, most times you overlook the potential these things have to bring little money back to you. Scrap metal to electronics, construction materials are all good place to start.

You can recycle a huge variety of items in exchange for cash in Nigeria instead of neglecting some stuff around you, turn them into instant cash. Don’t trash things that can make you money.

List of Items To Recycle for Money in Nigeria

items ti recycle

Little cash can be made from that trash you have at home or around you, getting paid to recycle a specific item is possible, it all depends on where you live. Here are some of the common recyclables items in Nigeria to make money from.

1. Scrap Metal

Scrap metal is not just a little money thing, you can make a fortune from it, Hausa are the ones dominating this industry in Nigeria, they walk on the street during the day to pick scrapped metal and sell it to companies.  often time they buy from you. 

You can make a decent amount of money when you begin pilling up your scrap metals and see it out to companies who are going to recycle them for profits and get you paid.

Some of the few scrap metals that you can recycle for money are copper, steel and aluminium, iron, brass, bronze, these are just a few among others.

Different between the ferrous and non-ferrous, to know much money your scrap metal is going to worth when selling.

Copper is one of the most profitable metals, follow by Aluminium and brass.

You can convert any of your scrap metals into money but the money to be made depend on the value of the metals.

2. Bottles and Cans

The drinks, you buy can get you part of your money back, instead of throwing out the Cans and bottles, make money with them.

You can even gather bottles and cans from work, school, friends and family, at events, to make higher cents.

There are bottle and can collectors, who are making money from stuff you paid for, that money are mist for you to be made, not someone else reaping from your money but well since you are shying away from it, smart bottle and can collectors are making the money of you.

Store your home used bottles, plastics, glasses and can and sell them out by yourself to get some money back from your purchase.

3. Electronics

There are companies, who pay for your old electronics, either working or broken electronics can be traded in exchange for money or add up some cash to get a new one from the same company.

Your old electronics like Phones, tablets, rechargeable batteries, circuit boards and a variety of other electronics can make you little money.

Cell phone providers, normally have a trade-in program where you can receive a voucher, gift card or another reward for your old gadgets, or you can direct your old electronics by yourself.

4. Debris Cars

You can make money with your old packed cars, instead of making it to be getting rustier, sell them off when you can still make good money with them.

Some companies pay cash for broken down cars, you can sell your car to them and get your payment instantly either online or via phone. 

When you are about selling your debris cars you must provide proof of ownership and the details about your vehicle, such as condition and mileage before you can get an offer.

5. All Unwanted Stuff you have

Things you no longer need can be recycled. Some apps and platforms pay you for your personal belongings that are no longer in use.

Sites like ThredUp and Poshmark will give you something in return for your stuff that you are not needing.

These apps are the most popular apps among others, a place where you can sell your clothes online.

With ThredUp, you get free shipping, PoPoshmarkoesn’t have free shipping, you move your items but has a bigger payout than ThredUp.

To sell your unwanted stuff aside from clothes you can use OfferUp, the second-hand largest site where you can buy or sell anything you don’t use any longer.

How do you begin your recycling to make money?

Find a Collection Point

Do it manually or use an online platform that helps you find collection points.

Prepare Items for Recycling

Make sure all items to be recycled are properly clean, it should be messy to the potential buyers.

Check with your local collection point for specific rules for preparing your recyclables. 

If you are selling your old phone or other electronic items, ensure you remove all your personal information from it. – like contact lists, voice mails, text messages, photos, passwords, and downloads so that strangers won’t have access to your data.

Do a back of your information on your computer, new phone, or a cloud-based service, do a factory reset to wipe out all your details before recycling.

Count your money 

Here is the last stage where you get money for all your items you don’t necessarily need again, you have found a collection point, either online or offline, you have the items packed and well arranged, done removing your data where necessary, it is time to sell your times to recyclers and get paid for it. Repeat the process often to continue making money from your stuff around you and items you don’t need any longer.

The money you are going to be making depends largely on the value of your trash.

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