6 Best Online Lenders To Get Loan for Federal Workers in Nigeria Without Stress

Loan for federal government workers in nigeria

Are you a government worker in Nigeria, this is for you, we know at one point in time you may need a loan either you need before you get your next paycheck or after.  Human basic needs must be fulfilled and sometimes you may need loans to keep up with the needs, if you are looking for the best platforms to get a loan for federal workers in Nigeria, this article may help you.

Thanks to the adoption of technology by the financial sectors in Nigeria, we are now closer to the bank through our smart devices than ever, you may not leave your comfort zone to do banking stuff.

Now, there is an opportunity to access an instant loan through an online lender as a federal government worker just like any other borrower.

The money is now at our disposal, in this guide we are going to explain how and sites you can use to get loans for federal government workers in Nigeria.

How To Get a Loan As a Federal Workers in Nigeria?

Most financial institutions both private and public institutions offer loan services to federal workers in Nigeria, it can be gotten from banks, online lenders, and government institutions. 

Requirements for federal worker loans in Nigeria

  • IPPIS number
  • Payslip
  • Bank Verification Number
  • Valid National ID card
  • Work ID card
  • Bank statement of account showing his/her net pay.
  • Employment / Confirmation / Deployment Letter is required

Best Platforms to Get Loan for Federal Workers in Nigeria 

1. ArvoFinance

ArvoFinance allows federal government workers to have access to the loan within an hour after applying, this platform gives a loan amount of N 50,000 to N 1,000,000 for a period of 3 to 12 months.

If you are borrowing for ArvoFinance you will get your loan the same day, you may not necessarily need to present any collateral to access the loan.

The interest rate is not high for federal government workers, if you are trying to get a quick workers loan without any delay choose ArvoFinance.

2. FCMB – Fast Cash

FCMB FastCash gives loans to federal staff without the need for paperless credit facilities and free of collateral to meet urgent needs.

The FCMB FastCash is designed for bank customers and Non-FCMB Customers, they give Instant access to funds up to N200,000 loan amount, no limits, you can apply as many times as you want.

3. Petty Cash 

Petty cash is an online provider of loans, this platform wants your asset like cars, property, equipment down before funds can be accessed.

Their federal staff loan, give loans to any federal government workers in Nigeria of about N 5000 to N 50,0000. 

Petty Cash federal loan may not necessarily need collateral, it has flexible loan tenures and you can get it within 24 hours.

4. Creditville

Creditville is an online moneylender that provides Payroll based consumer loans to eligible individuals through their employers. The amount borrowed is then deducted from your monthly salary.

Creditville provides urgent loans to federal workers within 48 hours, after meeting all the necessary conditions and documentation.

This company salary advance brings federal workers closer to a payday loan without the need for collateral and the repayment is within 12 months.

You can have access to up to 50% of your monthly salary amount; Creditville also provides business loans and Cab lease/hire purchase loans.

5. Provest Limited – Public Sector Loan

Provest Limited Public Sector Loan is designed to help federal government workers to have access to loans without much hassle.

They provide quick and unsecured emergency loans without collaterals within hours to Federal and employees in Nigeria.

They offer the cheapest loans to the federal staff, with low-Interest rates and no hidden charges.

The loan is given the same day upon submission of complete documentation, and this loan can be paid anytime without any extra charge, the loan tenors range from 1 to 6 months.

6. Primera MFB – Easy Money Federal

Primera MFB  Easy Money Federal is a loan plan designed for the Federal civil servant in need of a quick loan to meet your financial needs.

If you are looking for a conventional loan meant for federal government workers, you may need to consider a Primera MFB loan.

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