6 Strategies To Make Money On Instagram As Social Media Entrepreneur

Make Money On Instagram

Who tells you that the amount of time you take to scroll social media platforms, can’t make you money on Instagram.

The same amount of time and sometimes the numbers of scroll clicked on the platform are the same amount others on the platform who are making money on Instagram are also utilizing.

The followers you have and the ones to meet is where your money stays, you need to unlock them to make money on Instagram.

Those who have started using their followers to sell something on the platform can tell the worth of cash they are pulling from Instagram.

Your friend or Neighbor could be where you start to make money on Instagram when you have products or services to render.

Maybe it is time you feel you need to monetize your page you can decide to sell old or new stuff on Instagram.

You can turn the platform into a place where you meet your customers, display what you sell and market to sales then keep your money and repeat the process to make more.

To start making money on the site, you don’t necessarily need up to 10,000 followers to make money on Instagram. One of our articles has addressed this.

6 Ways to Become Social Entrepreneur And Make Money On Instagram

What you need to make money on Instagram is the engagement rate; understand your audience, writing multiple posts a day and know what works and what doesn’t.

You don’t need to be an Instagram guru to make money on Instagram. The key is 

Post regularly and engage with people that you follow and make your offerings available to them.

In general, if your item has a good aesthetic and a good story, you might as well give Instagram a try.

There’s nothing you bring to Instagram that absolutely won’t sell, but some categories of items tend to do better than others. 

Are you ready to sell and start another revenue stream?

This article may help you on the new journey you about to take, now let’s delve into what will make you money on Instagram.

1.   Build Your Brand

When it comes to Instagram branding and follower count do matter a lot and you must first focus on building a personal brand or a business profile that people can trust, this won’t happen overnight.

it may take a little time but if you are very good at navigating your way on the platform, you can earn people trust in the shortest time and start selling your products.

The trick to this brand building is to narrow down to a niche, pick a topic that you are more conversant about and that people are interested in.

keep posting about the topic until your followers start believing in you and your brand then start to sell items that coincide with those interests. 

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People want to buy items from someone they believe to be an expert in a field, you must prove that you know what you are doing before you can see buyers coming to get what you sell. Build up a following based on that persona first and then sell your items accordingly

2.  Try To Know Your Audience

To make sales on Instagram you need to know how to market your products on the site and this can be achieved by understanding your audience.

When trying to sell, give promo codes through your posts, buyers love that, try share plenty of photos of the products in stories.

Since your followers want to have your trust before buying from you, be direct and interact in your personal or brand voice. it becomes a lot easier to sell on Instagram to sell when you know your audience.

Do all sort of things to entice them to your page and keep them coming back forever, your promo code can go a long way to help your business on Instagram. 

3.   Good Photos Matters

Visuals are very important than any words you could write on social media.  Take good pictures of the items you want to sell on the platform. It speaks more than the article. 

If items you are selling requires you to take a multiple angles photograph of the object don’t hesitate and then be mindful of the picture background. 

 5.   Tag Your Products on Instagram Shopping 

An Instagram business account will enable you to add Instagram shopping if you are eligible, it is an e-commerce option that makes it easy to advertise and sell merchandise through your Instagram account. 

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Instagram Shopping accounts can allow users to browse and buy items directly through the app’s checkout feature instead of going offline to a separate website.

You can tag individual products within your posts and easily direct people to buy the item, once you have the shopping side set u as a vendor, you can take up to five objects in one post and up to 20 products in a multi-image post.

6.  Shipping Cost is important to know

Your customers that you are selling items to will want to know the shipping cost and if it is affordable enough for them to bear, make sure you know the accurate shipping cost and tell your customers why you charging for it.

Try to be honest with buyers because it will help your business.

Shipping entities like the UPS and FedEx shipping calculators on their

If you are shipping globally, you can use it to determine what customers are to be expecting as the shipping cost and if you’re adding any additional cost to the shipping, let your buyers know why.

They will finally make the payment if they feel it worth it.

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