5 Best Money Saving Apps In Nigeria To Automate Savings

Automatic Money Saving Apps in Nigeria

Having a saving habit can be tedious, but if you check inwardly, you can still save; when you slow down your speeding and know the best automatic money saving apps in Nigeria that gives you the chance to save some money. Even when all your earnings are meant to pay some debt, you still need to save money, don’t let everything out, you need to reserve every time.

As people started realizing why they need to save money all over the entire world, Nigerians are not slowing down on it; many are now searching for information to make them be better money manager. 

Majorly the barrier people have to save money isn’t money most times; often it is the knowledge and time, looking for deals that allowed them to save money on everyday purchases could be time-consuming, while some doesn’t even know such things exists, you can see it is all about the time and knowledge.

Over the last few years, the Nigeria tech space has been filled with a lot of inspiring innovations, especially in the finance sector, your finances have become their business and they are giving you the best to make sure you become a good money manager; people are catching up on that than before.

Many financial apps are now out there to help your budgets like a pro, you need to worry less about how you spend your money because automation can be done to financial app to save money for you.

With lots of money-saving apps available in Nigeria, you need to leverage automated savings apps that can keep part of your income, according to the percentage you have allowed you can afford to save into your savings account

There are few different ways to save money through apps, what works best for you depend on your current financial position and the goals you have.

5 Best Automatic Money Saving Apps in Nigeria

Here are the 5 best apps that help you save money automatically:

  • Kuda
  • Kolopay
  • CowryWise
  • Piggyvest
  • SumoTrust

Kuda bank

Kuda bank is a free online banking app that helps you do almost everything for free, one thing I like about the app is that you can budget your money at easy and for every transaction, you save a per cent as you spend, at the end of the month you would have to save greatly if you don’t withdraw it.

This is the first app i have conducted research on and I can boldly say you can use the app to automate your spending, there is a section of the app that allows you to draft everything you won’t spend for the whole month so that you won’t go out of your budget.

I put them first because I love everything about the mobile banking app, it doesn’t more than just saving money, you can create a budget and do so much on the app but I am reviewing the saving aspect of the app here if you want to save with convenience go with Kuda.

Sometimes when I get to the money I have saved over time, I am always amazed. I with a quick and easy to use app that allows you to manage all your money in one place, and best of all, you don’t need to worry about any transaction fee.


Kolopay acts like the magic to hang on when you want to autosave your money, though the app has two different saving plans, which are EasySave and Autosave.

You can choose how you want to save, maybe weekly, or monthly, it depends on what is convenient for you. I think the Autosave works better as you don’t need to manually do saving, it is fully automated.

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Kolopay doesn’t just save money for you, you get 10% interest on your saving at the end of the year. I know you will want to stick with Kolopay you don’t want extra.

Sign up to start saving with Kolopay, choose your saving goals. And enjoy the benefits that come with saving your Kolopay app. It is the second-best saving apps on our list here.


CowryWise app offers you three savings options and every one of them come with interest, the savings choices you can make are within these three, periodic, fixed, and one time savings. 

Have used CrowryWise in the past and am still going to use the app later, just went on a break, don’t be like me, if you want to interest in your money, keep saving more on the app. One of the most interesting I like about the app is that you can lock your fund.

The second thing I like about the app is that you can withdraw your money without any restrictions or penalties. You have access to your money anytime you want it. 


Looking for the most popular saving app in Nigeria among others, I am presenting to you Piggyvest, it is one of the oldest you will find in Nigeria, and the brand keeps waxing up day by day.

With Piggyvest, your money-saving purpose can be achieved without much hassle,   I am just a friend with most of these saving app, I have an account with many of them, I love piggyvest too when it comes to saving money online in Nigeria, they have two plan you can work with, the first is the “Quicksave and Autosave“. 

You can lock part of your saved money with Piggyvest or you can decide to lock all, and you can unlock on the date scheduled got to time.

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The most amazing thing about this app Is that you stand to get an instant upfront interest of up to 43%. You can withdraw your money once it gets up to N3000. 


Sumotrust offers 10% on every savings and investment just like CrowryWise, the app help you save your money on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on your preferred options. The app helps you save automatically. This money-saving platform is one of the best among other money-saving apps in Nigeria.

I don’t have a Sumotrust account yet but maybe soon I will want to enjoy the saving feature for new financial purposes. 

Savings and investment apps make most of their money from using yours (like conventional banks) and some from add-ons.

Why Do You Need A Money-Saving App?

Don’t be stuck at saving money, it is better to save part of your money with money-saving apps than not saving at all. Learn how to keep some cash away because of the day you will need it the most.

Your saved money can help you when emergency needs arise.

Every day can’t be a rainy day, the day you have nothing to fall back on, your saved money will pick you up again.

If you want to save and you are getting drawn into spending the money instead, money-saving apps can do that for you automatically. All you need to do is download any automatic money saving in Nigeria and start saving.

Which Money Saving App Is For You?

The choice is yours to make as I can’t force anything on you, but our favourite which is going to help you reach your saving goals are the apps I have talked about in this article, you can give any of these a try, save part of your income, it is always good.

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