3 free tips to reduce electricity bill in Nigeria

tips to reduce electricity bill

The pandemic that is hitting the world has taught many of us on how to reduce and save money on most of the things we need to pay bills on and tips to reduce electricity bill in Nigeria should not be left out.

The electricity bill is part of the game and is one of the most essential bills to be paid in the house; the recent increase in the electricity tariff has left Nigerians with no choice than to pay double of what was previously known to them.

It has now become a problem to many households who find it hard even to pay for the previous normal rate to cope with the new development.

Many are looking for ways to cut costs and the tips we are recommending here will only work best for those who have ready installed or willing to install a prepaid meter in their homes. Because of this, we have some tips that can help reduce electricity consumption to save money for another thing.

No doubt about it, the hike in the new traffic will make you pay more but you should know how to reduce your electricity usage to save money on the bill.

If at every month you normally pay N1000 and the increase has brought it to N2000 at the end of you, reading this article you should be able to reduce up to N500 every month, making your new electricity payment to be N1500.

The tips to reduce electricity bill in Nigeria

Getting a prepaid meter will save you from this estimated bill that may be resulting to paying more, some believe that there is way to calculate the units used but it is best to have a prepaid meter, which makes it easier to track your electricity usage and this will help you to know how you can manage your usage.

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 Our tips will guide you on who you can easily reduce electricity bill in Nigeria, following the new hike in electricity bill that has made lots of Nigerians to be yawning.

Always remove home devices from the socket

You don’t need all your home appliances to be plugged, when you are done using any of them, removing it totally will help you save cost, many do not know that those devices that are plugged even when turned off, still consume power, and it is known as standby power. The better way to manage this is by turning off the socket completely or removes the device plugged socket.

Go for energy saving bulb & turn off unused lights

Replacing your home bulbs with energy-saving bulbs will help you reduce cost enough to fuel some other things within the house, not only that you should cultivate the good habits of turning unused light off during the day and night. Don’t on the light when you don’t need them, switching them off. Will help save money. We are suggesting and recommending that the security light should not be turned off at night.

Reduce your fan and air conditioner usage

These devices can consume power; don’t leave your ceiling fan or air conditioner to be running for 24 hours, if you don’t want to be paying more for electricity bills. These days, there are energy-efficient models to replace the old version with, they save more costs. To reduce your electricity bill payment regulate how long the fan runs per day.

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We can give you all the list of things that may be consuming electricity within the house, youu are to do some work yourself taking time to study all home appliances you are using in the house that may be consuming power, one of the best ways to do this is by listing all of them and their Watt rating then trace who much power they are consuming.

The economy is tough right now and we thought you need to save money.

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