Top 8 Online Investment Platforms In Nigeria

Online Investment Platforms In Nigeria

Investing is one of the unneglectable ways to wealth building, it is now becoming easier to invest than ever using online investment platforms in Nigeria. If you reside in the country this will give you keep your investment goal afloat. 

Access to online investment platforms in Nigeria was like a dream coming through to many Nigerians who don’t have millions to start investing in many of the financial markets.

There are now as many as you may like that give every big and small investor the chance to invest in almost all assets ranging from agricultural farms crowdfunding to real estate properties and investing in the treasury bills and even participating in the local and foreign stocks.

In this article, we will show you some of the best online investment platforms in Nigeria, what they are into and how you can invest with any of the platforms.

Top Online Investment Platforms in Nigeria

Here are the most common and recommended online investment platforms in Nigeria that can help you take part in many of the financial markets.

1. Risevest

Rivest allows you to invest in foreign stocks and American real estate with fixed income assets (dollar-denominated bonds)

With Risevest you have the choice to choose from any of their investment plans and leave the rest to the company investment team to handle the investment; they remain the online investment platforms in Nigeria that help sought out things on your behalf. 

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All your investment returns come in the dollar, If you like to invest with Risevest go through the app with a minimum of $10.

2. Trove

Trove work like Risevest focused on the local and foreign stock market. With Trove investors can only invest in American, Chinese and Nigerian stocks. They also allow investors to invest in bonds, REITs and ETFs.

The minimum investment amount on Trove is ₦1,000 and you can track your investment through the company’s app. 

3. Carbon

Carbon is one of the online investment platforms in Nigeria that allow the investor to invest their money and also the platform also provides bills payments and instant loans.

With Carbon, you can earn a good return on your investment, and their interest rates remain one of the best in Nigeria. No withdrawal charges and no minimum withdrawal.

4. PiggyVest 

PiggyVest is an online investment platform in Nigeria for saving money, they don’t just help save money, and the company also helps you invest money, so as you are saving, you can also be investing.

PiggyVest allows people to invest in its mix of investment options with over 10% per annum interest rate.

The investment plan you can get with PiggyVest includes Dollar wallet savings, SafeLock Savings, Target savings, Investment options, and Core savings, other features, PiggyFlex, SafeLock and Target savings.

If you are looking for a place to keep your money and also invest it, go with PiggyVest, the brand is known and respected among its peers.

5. Payday Investor by ARM

PayDay Investor was created by ARM Group, this is an online investment platform in Nigeria that gives its users the ability to create a savings goal and help them invest the money on their behalf into a money market fund.

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The company usually pays all investors their Investment returns quarterly, you choose when and how you want to invest with payDay.

PayDay allows investors to make multiple investment goals, you can withdraw your investment (savings & yield) at any time as long as all your KYC know your customer) requirements have been met.

The interest rate is 12.6% and the minimum withdrawal: ₦1,000. It is the best place to start investing online.

6. I-invest

I-invest is another online investment platform in Nigeria that allows you to purchase and manage Treasury bills using your mobile device.

With the I-invest app, you can track diverse investment portfolios at once; the platform gives retail investors a chance to save money and earn attractive interest rates.

The minimum investment amount is N100, 000, and investors can withdraw their money anytime but after a minimum holding period of 30 days.

The investment capital and interest is paid to your account upon maturity with the 

The interest rate of 8% – 11% and zero Maintenance Fees

Treasury bills are one of the few risk-free investments that you can invest in, if you like Treasury bills invest with I-invest.

7. Fint

Fint is a P2P lending platform for Nigerians, an online investment platform in Nigeria for loans that connects borrowers to lenders.

With Fint borrowers can apply for affordable loans from lenders and pay them back with interest.

Investing in the finest marketplace can make you huge money as a lender, and since your money is insured by Old Mutual insurance you don’t need to worry about losses.

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This is not stock, forex or real estate investments, Fint helps you diversify your portfolio beyond that. The minimum amount you can lend is ₦20,000.

It has a monthly return on investment and the money is deposited directly into your account.

8. Farmcrowdy

Farmcrowdy is an online agriculture crowdfunding platform that connects farmers with investors who are interested in the agricultural sector.

One of the good things that make Farmcrowdy worthy to try is that all Farm sponsors receive bi-weekly and monthly updates for farm cycles, mostly these updates are usually pictures, written reports, and videos showing the progress at different stages of the farm cycle.

Farmcrowdy gives 40% of the profit to their farmers, another 40% of the profit to the farm sponsors and the remaining 20% of the profit to the company (Farmcrowdy).

All existing farm projects on Farmcrowdy are insured. So that in the event of unforeseen circumstances, the sponsor’s capital can be refunded.

If you like investing in the agricultural sector, Farmcrowdy is the best online investment platform in Nigeria you can start investing your money to receive a high-interest rate on monthly basis.

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