10 Real Estate Investment Companies in Nigeria to Close a Good Property Deal

Real Estate Investment Companies

The dream everyone chase is to have properties in every nook and crannies of the world, it is very hard to have just one property for some set of people because of many factors – Family, education life and dreamer of the country, and the nation`s economy just to mention few, there are now real estate investment companies to make a deal of properties in Nigeria.

Real estate firms are now gradually easing the stress off by providing a miss to become property owner without much hassle.

Real estate companies are springing up in every part of the country and they are helping more individuals to become a landed property in Nigeria. Making people dreams coming to a reality.

Lagos is the current homes of many real estate companies, you can find as many as you want in the state, but most of these firms products and services are not only limited alone to Lagos buyer only. 

They have properties in every major state in the country; some has even crossed the national boundary to the foreign land.

People who have the money to acquire properties are doing so without excitation, those who can’t pull out the huge sum at once are paying gradually to finally one day have a property.

People in another part of the country can also own a property with any of these real estate companies as many of them compete over subscribers with various value propositions for homeownership. 

Most of these real estate firms – like Adron Homes, Greenville Estate is not only offering subscribers the opportunity to own homes without stress in payment, they are working to relieve the people of the concern of acquiring property through instalment payment.

In this article, we are going to be explaining the real estate companies that offer their subscribers the opportunity to pay instrumentally to own a house or land in Nigeria.

If you want a property and you can’t pay to make the money at once, you can make a one-time initial down payment and pay the other remaining balance according to the laydown working plan between you and the real estate company you are buying from.

The 10 Real Estate Investment Companies That Accept Instalmental payment

We have the list of 10 most trusted real estate companies you can buy landed properties from with outright payment or instalment payment to own a house or land.

Real Estate Companies to Close a Good Deal For Properties Buying In Nigeria

1. RevolutionPlus

RevolutionPlus is an indigenous real estate company, with properties in Lagos and some other part of the country, a place where you can buy residential and commercial properties at a reasonable price.

RevolutionPlus has been in the real estate business for a long time, You can entrust your money to the company.

RevolutionPlus properties are designed to be affordable for everyone.

You can pay for the property in full and you can also make an instalment payment for any property of choice.

If you want more details on their properties you can talk to us, we are ready to help you make a good deal with the company.

2. Richfield Property Limited

Richfield Property is located in Ogun state and the firm is known for its affordable housing to the people.

Richfield Property also allows investors to make money with them, if you are not interested in buying a property at least you can invest with them and earn huge interest for being a partner.

If you want to buy a property without paying all the total charged at once, they have a premium package for their subscribers, and you can get a house within few months of making your first down payment with the company.

You want a good deal with Richfield Property Limited, we can help, just drop a message for us and we are going to connect you right away with the company.

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3. Merit Abode

Every individual wants an inexpensive landed property and Merit Abode is among the first real estate companies that put their subscribers into a considerable spot to help them achieve their properties acquiring yearning.

Merit Abode helps you own a home or land with a minimum of N1 million as an initial deposit.

The money mentioned above depend on location, you can get cheaper and likewise higher than the said.

You can make a good deal with your money if you feel Merit Abode is where you want to close your housing deal, talk to us now.

4. Family Homes

Family Homes Estate offers interested subscribers a property to own with a little first down payment.

You can get to do more with Family Homes properties when it comes to buying a home of your dream.

5. Adron Homes

Adron Homes and Properties specialize in housing and land product. At all times the company offers discounted prices for their properties. 

The goal of Adron Homes and Properties is to provide housing for every class of society.

An interested buyer can own a property with Adron Homes and Properties when you make an initial down payment if you can’t pay for the property of choice at once.

An outright payment is allowed but a little extra charge for clients that want to spread their payment. 

You can spread your payment up to 4 years with Adron Homes and Properties.

6. Primewaterview Limited

Primewaterview is one of the top real estate company based in Lagos state.

If you are looking for one of the major players in the luxury property and development sector, come to Primewaterview.

The firm sells and buys properties, which make them be a reliable source for your property buying.

If you are looking to get a good deal on properties, this real estate company can help you.

You can become a subscriber to the company and make an instalment payment to the company if you can’t pay outrightly.

7. Primrose 

Primerose is a real estate company that has been in the Nigerian property market for a long. 

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A firm is a place for property seekers and people love the company because they have a team of experts that respond quickly to the need of society.

They offer solutions on many things in the real estate industry – like estate valuation, property development plus properties buying and selling.

You can buy a property with Primrose companies with an instalment payment.

8. Sweet Estate 

Sweet Estate is a real estate company located in Ogun State Abeokuta, they aim at spreading across the nation in a very short time.

They provide premium properties to own by interested subscribers of theirs and their properties are very affordable.

With the sweet estate, you can own a home or land, by paying instrumentally.

If you want a landed property with enough feasible and open transparency go with Sweet Estate. 

We can help secure a good deal with the company if you like.

9. Medorf solutions

This is a real estate company that provides luxury houses, land, and commercial properties at affordable prices.

The company is committed to helping its clients make the right investment move.

They sell properties and also help their investors make a high return on every investment.

Medoff solutions allow you to buy a property with the company with instrumental payment if you can’t pay outrightly.

 You can become a property owner because they have a flexible plan that accommodates everyone.

You want a good bargain with Medorf solutions, we can help you close a great deal, talk to us.

10.Soe properties

Soe properties is a real estate company based in Lagos, that make housing affordable to the people.

The company has been in operation since 2006, which makes them be among the leading real estate firms in Nigeria.

They aim at giving every Nigerians a chance to become a house owner and the ability to be able to invest in the real estate sector is present with the company.

They offer an instalment payment plan to their subscribers, to make homeownership more accessible.

If you like to own a property through Soeproperties, we can help you make a good arrangement with the company, just talk to us. 

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